Hope Comes Home

Crosswinds in-home counseling service offers affordable, confidential help for families in need.
Aug 1, 2015
Donna Detweiler
Steve Vorderman
Hope Comes Home

Family relationships can be complex, especially when challenges come knocking at the door—a struggling teen, an unattached adopted child, grief and loss, drug and alcohol addiction. Loving parents come to the end of their resources to help their child and to cope themselves. Discouragement enters. Hope exits.

Reaching out for help can be intimidating and overwhelming. Fearing feelings of awkwardness or embarrassment at a counseling office keeps families stuck. 

Crosswinds in-home counseling services hurdles those barriers by providing counselors or coaches that come to the home. “The most important thing we do is deliver hope to the family,” says Mark Terrell, passionate CEO of Crosswinds. “By addressing the issues within the home we find the solutions needed to reclaim, rebuild and restore the families.”

That hope was there for Jilli, whose daughter Tyler was 3 years old when her father died. Behavior issues prompted a call to Crosswinds, which she found on an internet search. “They were the only in-home counseling service,” says Jilli, who thought Tyler would be more comfortable at home. “Dusti, our counselor, helped us with tools to move forward; for instance ways we should speak to her we wouldn’t have thought of.” Now remarried, Jilli says everything is going well.

Cheryl’s daughter was struggling with depression and anxiety when a co-worker told her about Crosswinds. The organization sent her Shannon for an in-home counseling session including learning healthy ways to handle life situations and a referral to a psychiatrist for medication. “Shannon taught me tools to use when stressful things happen,” says Cheryl. 

Lifeline Youth & Family Services is the parent organization of Crosswinds. Lifeline was founded in 1968 by a group of Fort Wayne leaders whose deep Christian faith motivated them to action. Lifeline works with families in the court system. Realizing that lasting change requires family involvement, they began to work with the whole family. 

Crosswinds was the natural next step for Lifeline. Founded in 2012 to work with children and families who were not in the court system, Crosswind’s home-based services have been extremely successful. “Together, we’re working in over 3,000 homes a week,” says Terrell.

When a family calls Crosswinds, an intake interviewer assesses needs. Next, a series of coordinated steps is developed to use the full range of services to help a troubled child with healing and restoration of the entire family unit in mind. An in-home counselor or coach visit can be scheduled in as little as 24 hours.

Sometimes a residential treatment option is needed for troubled teens. Crosswinds also has a residential program in the Dominican Republic designed to provide a fresh start for kids and their families. 

Crosswinds clients pay on a sliding scale. Recently, The Lutheran Foundation invested in this in-home counseling program. “It believes so much in what we do that it wanted to help more people access our services,” says Terrell. 

Currently, there are eight regional offices in Indiana covering 92 counties. For out-of-state families, eCounseling is an option. The program’s success has attracted the attention of other states that want to implement this in-home service style and capture the economic benefits of healthy families. 

Crosswinds in-home counseling hopes to get the word out fast. “Seeing what we do for kids and families melts my heart,” says Jacquie Downey, vice president of marketing. “It’s the hope that we are able to restore for the family; the differences they are able to see right in their home. Knowing that it is okay to ask for help.”

“It’s such a great program. I wish more people knew about it,” says Jilli. “It helped our little one and our family as a whole.”

And Crosswinds is ready to send that hope knocking on the doors of many more families. 

Crosswinds/Lifeline Youth and Family Services

Address: 7136 Gettysburg Pike Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804

Phone: (855) 927-7963

Website: cwfamily.org

Email: info@crosswindsyouth.org

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