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The Smith Family
Nov 1, 2015
Donna Detweiler
Steve Vorderman

Todd and Kristen Smith love to create spaces where people hang out and have fun. As owners of the Main Street Bistro & Martini Bar, Early Birds Night Club, YOLO Event Center and Flashback On the Landing, Todd’s been in the hospitality industry for 30 years and Kristen for 15. So it’s no surprise their home reflects their hospitality niche. 

After deciding to move from their Cherry Hill home in 2012, the Smiths began the search for a new home in southwest Fort Wayne. (They moved to and remodeled a small fixer-upper as well while searching.) And this past April, their search ended as they discovered their dream home.

Their grey stone, three-story, 5900 square foot home sits on a rolling, green, six-acre lot near Homestead High School. Their first remodeling project involved converting a small dining area just off the entryway into office space. A mahogany desk anchors the room while awards and commendations for their businesses decorate the walls. “This room is a celebration of our accomplishments,” says Todd, with a confidence born of hard work. “We’ve been growing the businesses together for 15 years.”

Bouncy, talkative, four-year-old Taylor leads the way upstairs to her large playroom. It looks like a Pottery Barn Kids display with its clean white trim and white shelving holding pink-hued toys with plenty of room for cartwheels. Taylor’s Disney-themed bedroom across the hall is dusky light blue with a large bed, comfy couch and a chalkboard wall. Black font Disney quotes adorn the walls. Taylor flops dramatically on the poofy comforter. “I love to sleeeeeep,” she says.

Guest rooms are creative focal points, which Todd and Kristen decorated themselves. “I’m a visionary and my wife is a very good artistic decorator,” says Todd. In the upstairs room, a large faux window looks out onto an inviting Florida beach scene. Touches of New York City and Paris decorate the other guest room across the hall. Down two flights of stairs, the third guest room sits off of the expansive recreation room. A tasteful Old World statue and a few classic figure drawings cover the bedroom walls. “We call it the ‘Naked Art Room,’” says Todd with a grin. 

The recreation room is a party space with a large bar, pool table and casual dining table. Windows look out onto the manicured backyard with hot tub, swimming pool, grill and seating areas. Around the pool table hangs memorabilia from Todd’s long association with Piere’s Entertainment Center—glass framed electric guitars from artists like Buckcherry and Three Days Grace, signed pictures of REO Speedwagon and more. It’s a mini music museum. The recreation room opens to a workout room on one side. Off the other side is Kristen’s recent gift to Todd—a massage room complete with table, trickling water fountain and neatly stacked white towels. 

The 1,100 square foot master bedroom is on the main level. Its showpiece walk-in closet even has windows. Kristen designed everything, including the custom-made island dresser with drawers and counter space. “I’m waiting for my chandelier,” she says. It will fit in nicely.

The living room has a cathedral ceiling, large picture windows and hard wood floors. Off the modern kitchen, an enclosed sun porch overlooks a waterfall that gently tumbles down the hillside. Its soft bubbling sound can be heard from any of the five outdoor dining/sitting areas. “Go big or go home is Kristen’s motto,” says Todd. “My friend says the backyard looks like a resort.”

A family-friendly resort that is. Out beyond the patio and pool is a stamped concrete pad with a fire pit for s’mores. “I love the hammock,” says Kristen. Taylor’s trampoline and swing set are nearby. 

Kristen loves spending her free time at home playing with Taylor when she’s not working as chief wedding and event planner at YOLOs. As for Todd’s downtime, “He loves power washing stuff,” says Kristen. “I’m always thinking what more can I do here or at work,” Todd says. “I’m a workaholic.”

This interview is the first time Todd and Kristen have sat on their back deck. They’ve been busy getting the property ready for entertaining. “We’re looking forward to having people over,” says Todd.

Another cool Smith-owned hospitality venue has been created. But this one is simply called “home.” 

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