In the Business of Helping Employees Thrive

With Crosswinds Employee Assistance Program, everyone wins.
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In the Business of Helping Employees Thrive

The mission of Crosswinds, a local nonprofit, faith-based organization, is to help reclaim, rebuild and restore the family. Mark Terrell, CEO, and Jacquie Downey, vice president of marketing, both bring years of business experience to their leadership roles. “We love that, as business people ourselves, we understand what is needed,” says Downey.

Crosswinds is a sister organization to Lifeline Youth & Family Services, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rehabilitating juveniles and adults caught in the court system. Crosswinds recognized the need to assist families outside the court system as well. “Employees have to deal with complex issues: death, sickness, marriage issues, divorce, parenting struggles,” says Terrell. “It can affect productivity.” Professionals at Crosswinds are trained to deal with such issues. 

“Our Employee Assistance Program works to help businesses become as effective and efficient as possible,” says Terrell. “There are a lot of good programs out there. Our uniqueness is that we’re not just working with an employee, but their whole family.”

The Employee Assistance Program core plan includes individual and/or family consultation, counseling and coaching services that are designed for easy access.

“When a family doesn’t know what to do or whom to call, a consultation is a first step,” says Terrell. A counselor will listen, assess and offer ideas for next steps. 

Counseling can happen at home, at work, at the Crosswinds office or virtually using video technology. “Most employees won’t get the help they need because they’re embarrassed,” says Downey. In-home or virtual options can help give families a needed sense of privacy when dealing with highly stressful issues. 

Coaching can work for employees who are uncomfortable with the idea of therapy, yet could use some mentoring in a life situation.   

Crosswind’s Employee Assistance Program offers many other services, including critical incident counseling, on-site therapy, Lunch n’ Learn, company health fairs, forgiveness training, mission trips, team building and strategic planning retreats. 

Crosswinds/Lifeline Youth and Family Services

Address: 4150 Illinois Road Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804

Phone: (877) 594-9204



Years in Business: 48

Number of Employees: 400

Products & Services: In-home counseling, family consultation, coaching and eCare

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