What to Expect from Your Real Estate Agent
Mar 1, 2016
Todd Stock

For most homeowners, selling a home is a big decision because it is usually their largest financial asset. Additionally, allowing buyers into your home to decide if they like it can be very tough to not take personally; not to mention keeping it “ready to show” takes a lot of time! That is why it is important to know what to look for and expect from your real estate agent in terms of managing the financial, emotional and day-to-day stresses that come with selling a property.

When choosing an agent, many homeowners rely on their friends or neighbors for a recommendation. A personal endorsement is a great way to find an agent who will do a good job. Some other key factors homeowners should be looking for are honesty, professionalism and experience. These are the qualities homeowners should look for when meeting a potential agent for a short interview, along with a list of references. A well-qualified agent will happily provide references, show up on time, look professional in appearance and give honest and straightforward answers to any questions. They will willingly share knowledge about recent market activity and pricing.

Northeast Indiana has hundreds of great real estate agents. But how does a homeowner find the right one? After determining that the person is honest, professional and experienced, sellers should learn about their marketing plan, communication style, use of technology and ability to negotiate. An exceptional real estate agent has the ability to creatively market the home well and think outside the box when negotiating a deal. All aspects of a real estate transaction require strong communication skills from the initial negotiating to working with other business professionals like inspectors, bankers and lenders throughout the process. A skilled agent should be able to communicate in person, over the phone and in writing. The use of technology is more and more prevalent in many industries, including real estate, and the agent should be able to navigate it expertly.  

No one wants to hear that the appraisal came in low or the buyer’s bank needs another couple of days to close. Selling a home can be a stressful experience, delays can cause problems with moving schedules, utilities transfer dates and children starting school. Taking the extra steps to find the right real estate agent before you list your home is worth the time. Making an educated decision can mean a quicker sale, more money in your pocket and, most importantly, a smooth transaction.

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