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Kathy Rogers, President of KB Search Team
Apr 1, 2016
Jennifer Blomquist
Steve Vorderman

“You dream it – you can do it. You just have to work hard.”

Those were the words spoken to Kathy Rogers by her father decades ago. 

“I worked with my dad for 25 years in the recruiting business and he planted that advice in me when I was just a little kid,” says Rogers. “I never, as a person, felt there was anything I couldn’t do.”

That confidence is at the center of the recruitment firm she started more than six years ago with a group of talented and experienced women whom she says are also her best friends.

Q1: What is KB Search Team?

KB Search Team is a Fort Wayne-based professional search firm I started in 2009 that places professionals in all skill sets throughout the U.S. When we first started, we usually filled positions within a 300-mile radius and did a lot with the manufacturing sector. Now, it’s much more diversified. We’re filling positions all over the U.S., as many of our clients have multiple locations across the country. Combined, our staff of six has more than 120 years of experience in the recruiting industry. Also, as a valued member of the Top Echelon Network, we have over 1,000 recruiting partners strengthening our search capabilities nationwide.

Q2: What is your background in the recruiting field?

It’s really all I’ve ever known and I just love it. I’m the third generation of my family in this industry. My grandfather founded Bone Personnel in the 1950s. My father worked with his dad and then went on to start Time Services in 1982. That’s where I began my career after college. Together, we grew that business to 18 offices in three states with some amazing people on our team. 

Q3: What makes KB Search Team unique?

We are a very dedicated team that takes a holistic approach with our clients. Many search firms separate their recruiters by discipline; having one recruiter focus on engineering or sales or accounting or executive leadership, etc. Our recruiters at KB Search partner with our clients for all their searches. It gives us an opportunity to understand that company’s culture and truly learn who they are and how they function. We build strong relationships with our clients and know them well. For some of our clients, we’ve placed their entire leadership teams over the years.

Q4: What are some other values your father instilled in you as a business leader?

In addition to hard work and integrity, he taught me to be there for our clients when they needed us, meaning they can count on us 24/7. My dad also taught me to give back to the industry that we were blessed to be part of and to give to the communities we serve. As a result, I have served on state and national staffing boards and, in 2002, became the chairman of the American Staffing Association. I learned so much and gained a lot of valuable relationships. 

I have been blessed to serve on many outstanding community boards such as the Chamber of Commerce, Youth for Christ, Brotherhood Mutual, Junior Achievement and Ronald McDonald House, to name just a few. All of us at KB Search Team are involved in our community and get a huge sense of fulfillment from working with nonprofits. Interestingly, helping to fill leadership positions at local not-for-profits has become a big part of what we do at KB Search Team. We’ve worked with Turnstone, United Way, Rescue Mission, WBCL, Lutheran Foundation, St. Joseph Community Health Foundation, Fort Wayne Trails and Community Harvest Food Bank as well as others. 

Q5: What do you do when you are not working?

I have a lot of passion, drive and energy. I love the lake and I love mountains and am still trying to keep up with my kids’ water skiing and snow skiing. Of course, I love food and enjoy cooking with friends and family. Any downtime I have is spent reading a good book and continuing to learn. 


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