Selling Success

Wilcox & Associates LLC works with clients to help their businesses grow and to achieve long-term success.
May 1, 2016
Deborah C. Gerbers
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Selling Success

Sandler Training® is a sales process and methodology that was founded nearly 50 years ago. Wilcox & Associates are local consultants who implement the Sandler method to help their clients improve their business in various areas. The team works intimately with clients to identify areas for improvement and ways to achieve long-term success.

Wilcox & Associates helps clients improve their business in four areas: strategy, structure, staff and skills. According to Jim Wilcox, partner at Wilcox & Associates, strategy includes helping clients with a sales plan, growth planning, prospecting and finding a common language for selling. Clients often need help with structure because many lack a uniquely documented sales process. “Most companies’ management is a mix of supervisor, trainer, coach, mentor and quite often sales professionals don’t know the angle the manager is coming from, so we train and coach clients in those areas,” says Wilcox.

The company also acts as a headhunter of sorts to help clients assess their prospective sales and sales management talent. “We help companies hire and retain top-notch talent through assessments of behavior and personality. They can’t afford to lose that talent so we help augment their hiring process,” says Wilcox.

Wilcox & Associates also helps clients with selling, management and customer service skills, which links directly back to Sandler Training®

The concept of Sandler is that of reinforcement-based training, and the idea is to train repetitively to see incremental results over time. “The core of what we do is that people come to us for classroom-based, group style training where we do three things: We facilitate the Sandler content, we role play it in a safe environment and, in a group learning environment, there is shared experience,” explains Wilcox.

“There’s something to be said about authenticity in what we do,” says Derek Laliberte, partner at Wilcox & Associates. “I personally believe when you open up to your clients about yourself and what you struggle with, they’re more prompted to open up about their own struggles. Then you’re able to grow faster together.”

Last month, clients of Wilcox & Associates were invited to Sandler’s Annual Client Summit in Orlando. The conference hosts Sandler trainers from all over the world, and exposes clients to a wide variety of Sandler topics likes sales, customer service and enterprise selling, among others.

Art Chokenea of Pioneer International is one of the company’s clients who attended the 2016 summit. “The techniques Sandler offers are exceptional and the annual summit gave us a lot of good takeaways,” he says. “It was very helpful and insightful.”

Wilcox and his team hope to spread awareness about sales training and the ways they help their clients’ businesses grow. “Our number one objective is to see people and to be seen by people so they know we exist,” he says. “From there, it’s having a conversation with them about their sales and business challenges. Our number one hurdle is getting to the point where we can have a very open, trusting conversation with people about their business issues.”

Laliberte stresses the importance of clients believing in both Sander Training® and that Wilcox & Associates can effectively teach the methodology. “I’m an idea merchant and a philosopher. I want to provide clients with ideas they can mold into what they do.”

“Our clients come to us with not only dissatisfaction but also a willingness to step out of their comfort zone, to be vulnerable and humble, and willing to do what it takes for their business to go to the next level,” says Wilcox. “Our job is to help them achieve success.”

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