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Workspace Solutions offers the services and furnishings you need to make your office work for you.
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You’re unique—your office space should be, too.

“There really is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to designing your workspace,” says Brent Stoller, president of Workspace Solutions.

Stoller and the company’s vice president, Mike Hunter, own Workspace Solutions and are highly regarded in their field for offering quality office furniture as well as office design and planning services. 

Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Workspace Solutions also has sales offices in Warsaw and Indianapolis. 

“Our main area of business is concentrated in the northeast quadrant of the state, but we’ve completed projects at offices all over the country,” says Hunter. “We recently completed an office for a company in Manhattan that we work for locally as well. We’ve also completed work as far away as Honolulu.”

Even though Workspace Solutions offers its services outside of Indiana, it emphasizes a commitment to being a local company.

“The advantage to our customers is two-fold,” says Stoller. “A lot of people are buying things online today and we’ve had many customers come in and say they bought an office chair online two years ago and it’s already falling apart. Being local, we can actually take a sample chair out to your office and let you try it out before deciding whether or not to buy it. You can’t do that online. The other advantage we have is that we can send someone out to take a look at and, if need be, make repairs to any of the products purchased from us. I think it proves that we stand by one of our company taglines: Great service, hard work, no games.”

Stoller and Hunter recently purchased a 30,000 square foot building to house their business off Production Road on Fort Wayne’s north side. Besides office space, the new office furniture campus offers a spacious new furniture showroom, used furniture showrooms, multiple staged office showrooms, a design center and warehouse, all with the latest in office furniture and technology. 

“We’re very excited about our office furniture campus,” says Hunter. “Our customers can come in, tour our showrooms and see the furniture staged as they would in an office setting. We also offer retail sales, which makes us unique in this market. Customers can come in and pick out a chair, desk, filing cabinet or other piece of furniture and take it home that day or have it delivered and assembled.”

Workspace Solutions sells numerous lines of quality furniture, from some of the top manufacturers in the business, including Allsteel, HON Company, National Office Furniture, Gunlocke, Global, TablEx and Office Star Furniture. The majority of what it sells is new furniture, but it also offers a large selection of gently used furniture including desks, chairs, workstations, conference room furniture and more.

Although most people think of Workspace Solutions as an office furniture store, “We do more than sell furniture; we create spaces,” says Stoller. “We offer full-service office planning and design as well as furnishings to help our clients solve their office space challenges. We work with them to provide the right solutions that work for the way they work.”

“We do what our clients ask us to do,” says Stoller. “Space planning is our specialty. We meet with clients to determine their challenges then design a unique solution to overcome those challenges. We also work closely with local contractors and other professionals such as their IT team and flooring contractors who are helping to put the office space together. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing innovative work environments for any budget.”

“It’s definitely a team effort,” says Hunter. “Almost every aspect of the job is done in-house. We have our own AutoCAD designer, design staff and a team of furniture installers. And, we have the experience and the expertise to make the process go as smoothly as possible.” 

Tips to Make Your Office Space Work for You

Your office is a place where you spend a lot of time and do some of your most important work, so Stoller and Hunter say it just makes sense that it’s a space that’s comfortable and that boosts productivity. They say if you’re planning a new office or are not satisfied with your current one, the key to a successful work environment is planning.

“The first thing you will want to decide is how the space will be used,” says Stoller. “Will it be a private office or a collaborative space with multiple workstations and employees? If it’s a private office, focus on the computer. Figure out where you’re going to put your computer and everything else will start to fall into place.”

“If you’re creating a collaborative space, focus on the employees,” says Hunter. “How many will fit into the space and how will they work? From there, we can decide how many desks will be needed, how many outlets will be needed at each workstation and how to layout the space to make it conducive to working together.”

They say another thing to think about is the way you work and the length of time you’re in the office.

“One of the biggest trends right now is creating a healthy work environment,” says Hunter. “The phrase we keep hearing is, ‘Sitting is the new smoking.’ By providing ergonomic chairs and height-adjustable desks, along with other factors, you can help create a more active, comfortable workplace.” 


Workspace Solutions

Owner(s): Brent Stoller and Mike Hunter

Address: 2208 Production Road Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808

Phone: (888) 422-8629



Years in Business: 30

Number of Employees: 15

Products & Services: Office furniture, design and space planning

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