A Pathway To Growth

Wilcox & Associates LLC uses Sandler Training to get companies functioning at their best capacity on all levels and with all employees
Aug 1, 2016
Donna Detweiler
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A Pathway To Growth

Wilcox & Associates isn’t interested in training just anybody. “We’re far more than sales trainers,” says Jim Wilcox, owner and CEO of Wilcox & Associates LLC, Sandler Training. “We offer difficult training. We force you to step outside of your comfort zone. We’re looking for companies that want to invest the energy and resources to turn the ship around.” 

As a consulting and training organization, it works with sales teams and individuals, sales managers, business owners, inside sales, customer service, professional service providers and enterprise services. In addition to Wilcox, Kelly Ambriole handles strategic customer care and Beth Graham is the office manager. 

Wilcox graduated with a degree in trauma nursing and critical care, but his passion for business was never far away. “During nursing school, I started a professional staffing company,” says Wilcox. “I placed highly credentialed nurses at critical care facilities and ERs. I was having a blast.” That’s a passion for business. 

In 2001, Wilcox and his wife moved from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Fort Wayne. She had been offered a job working in media. In Fort Wayne, Wilcox first worked in pharmaceuticals and then for Aptera Inc., a local software firm. When Aptera leadership got involved with Sandler Training in Indianapolis, Wilcox’s personal sales results grew impressively. 

“Then it clicked,” says Wilcox. “Combining selling and training would be a great career path.” When the opportunity opened to start a Sandler business in northern Indiana in 2014, he took it. 

Four Ways to Grow

Revenue generation is the bottom line for Wilcox & Associates’s work with local and regional companies. Its focus is improving strategy, structure, staffing and skills. 

  • Strategy speaks to sales growth planning - having a prospecting plan, establishing a common language for sales and management
  • Structure is about infusing documented processes throughout the organization - recognizing the ideal client profile; implementing sales processes and business processes which increase focus and productivity
  • Staffing services assess talent - measuring skills for the likelihood of success, promotion and leadership development
  • Skills training - working with sales professionals, managers and customer service departments to increase effectiveness and success

Services include assessments and benchmarking, facilitator-led classroom training, individual and group coaching, mentoring, accountability and measurement, and 24/7 online reinforcement training.

Relationship & Results

“Our role is as a trusted advisor,” says Wilcox. “Company leaders are investing in longterm change and bringing that change requires that we are a good fit.”

“We know we’re not for everybody,” says Wilcox, “but that’s okay. Our emphasis on working with the right clients is what makes us unique and effective.”

Sales Tip from Sandler Training 

Establishing an “Upfront Contract” helps create equal stature between seller and client. What is an Upfront Contract?

An Upfront Contract establishes the rules of the game and creates Equal Business Stature. The “rules” of the game should include time/agenda/outcome. Then, Equal Business Stature comes because you are agreeing to things mutually. The mystification is removed.

It provides that each sales call has an end result—a clear, concise, verbal agreement as to what will happen next; either to keep moving to a mutually agreeable next step or not.

It gives both the parties the opportunity to say no if there isn’t a fit or yes if there is a fit.

It includes an agreement on time. It establishes a clear understanding as to how much time is allocated for your sales call.

It requires that a decision be made. You are either going to get a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ to proceed to the next step.

The result is confidence, communication and a clear pathway ahead to a sale or on to another prospect.  

Wilcox & Associates LLC, Sandler Training

Owner(s): Jim Wilcox

Address: 8211 W. Jefferson Blvd., Ste. 309 Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804

Phone: (574) 320-7360

Website: wilcox.sandler.com

Email: jim.wilcox@sandler.com

Years in Business: 2

Number of Employees: 3

Products & Services: Sales/management/customer services training and business consulting

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