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Parkview Physicians Group’s new maternal-fetal medicine physician, Elaine Carroll, MD, has years of experience and a passion for helping mothers and babies get off to a great start.
Oct 1, 2016
Donna Detweiler
Zack Kittaka
The Mom's Mom

Dr. Elaine Carroll’s enthusiam for and delight in her work practically bubble over. “They call me the mom’s mom,” she says. “I love obstetrics because you bond deeply with people as you go through incredible things together—especially as we get over challenges successfully!”

Dr. Carroll, a Chicago native, graduated from Rush University Medical Center. After practicing general obstetrics and gynecology (OB/Gyn) in Chicago, she decided to specialize in maternal-fetal medicine and has been practicing that specialty for 18 years, primarily in Chicago, until arriving in Fort Wayne in June. 

“Maternal-fetal medicine focuses on a sick mother, sick baby or sick pregnancy,” says Carroll. “Many women have pre-existing conditions that do not normally allow for a healthy pregnancy, such as diabetes or hypertension, HIV, organ or heart transplant or cystic fibrosis.”

Carroll also deals with birth defects, complex twinning or twin/twin transfusion and pregnancy issues, including pre-term labor or preeclampsia.  

At age five, Carroll decided to be a doctor. “I was hospitalized for three months due to a rare birth defect. My father said, ‘Elaine, you’re broken and the doctor is going to fix you.’ His great respect for the surgeon impressed me.” 

And then there were the nurses. “I made rounds with them,” says Carroll. “I thought the hospital was the coolest.”  

Carroll’s motto is knowledge is power. When tests showed a child had Down syndrome, Carroll and her team helped the parents get prepared. When the baby was born, they already had support from the Down syndrome community. That prior knowledge was critical. “There is nothing tougher than a surprise in the delivery room,” says Carroll. 

When ultrasounds showed a baby’s arm was missing, Carroll’s team helped the family see the positives (no disease present), work through the challenges and connect with a pediatric orthopedic physician.

“You have to look for things,” says Carroll. “Being prepared and being connected with people is what makes a difference. Parents find confidence that they can parent that child. It’s about connecting people.”

Carroll is excited about her new job at Parkview Physicians Group and her new life in Fort Wayne. “I love the smaller town, the short commute and the kind people. My neighbors brought me cupcakes!” she says. 

And PPG’s Advanced Perinatal Care Center is happy to welcome Dr. Carroll to the team as they continue to grow their network of services, providing excellence in maternal-fetal care around the state.

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