Common Home Seller Mistakes
Oct 1, 2016
Todd Stock, managing partner/owner, ReMax Results

When selling a home, the goal is to get the most amount of money in the least amount of time. But selling a home can be a stressful and frustrating process for homeowners. By avoiding some of the common mistakes listed below, sellers can reduce stress and get their homes sold more quickly!  

Not Being Realistic About Value: Not surprisingly, overpricing a home can be the biggest mistake that homeowners make. Properties that are overpriced at the outset tend to eventually sell at a lower price than they would have if they’d been appropriately priced in the first place. A good realtor should understand the local real estate trends and be able to suggest a good price based on other comparable homes. 

Refusing To Negotiate:  Of course everyone wants a full price, cash offer with no contingencies, but most people expect to negotiate when buying a home. It is important for sellers to be willing to negotiate price, terms and repairs.  Don’t be offended by low offers or repair requests, but instead be willing to find a solution that all parties can be happy with.

Not Presenting The Home At Its Best: Many sellers are unwilling to declutter or deodorize their home to make it more appealing to buyers. Although sellers live in the house the way it is, they need to be open-minded if a real estate agent suggests that a home has too much clutter or has unpleasant odors. Asking your realtor to be honest with you about these issues is a good way to get an outside perspective on your home’s first impression.  

Hiding The Truth About Your Home: Every home has needed repairs or minor problems that need attention.  Sellers may be tempted to try to hide problems with the home. Repairing these items or discussing them upfront with your agent can help with the outcome of the sale. When sellers are not upfront about the home’s issues, chances are buyers will find out during the home inspection and at that point, buyers will expect repairs, a credit or will be able to back out of the deal. Some flaws, like foundation problems, leaky roofs or mold are not considered minor and could have bigger ramifications like legal disputes.

Most importantly, hire a professional agent who will help guide you in staying away from these mistakes. Great guidance and advocacy makes for a smooth and successful sale.

Todd Stock, managing partner/owner, RE/MAX Results
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