The A&Z Difference

-- It's All About the People
Dec 1, 2016
Jennifer Kennedy
Steve Vorderman
The A&Z Difference

When A&Z Engineering founders and owners, Jamal Anabtawi, P.E. and Warren Zwick, P.E., decided to start their own engineering and construction management firm in 2005, they knew they wanted to do something different. The two long-time friends quickly developed their formula for success. “This industry is all about the people,” says Anabtawi. “Our people, our employees, make all the difference and have shaped us into the firm we are today.” 

While establishing long-term client relationships is key to A&Z’s success, employees are truly the lifeblood of the organization. Dedicated employees who share a passion for taking care of clients and doing the right thing set A&Z apart, resulting in its continued growth over the past decade—so much growth, in fact, that the firm is expanding into new office space at the end of this year. 

“Our growth hasn’t happened by accident,” shared senior designer Paul Howard. “It’s the result of our talented and driven employees who take pride in working hard every day. It’s also the product of leadership that offers growth opportunities, a rewarding environment and most of all, a family atmosphere.” And that culture at A&Z must be working. Howard is one of several employees who have been with the company more than 10 years. 

Nitin Timble, P.E., P.S., joined the A&Z team last October, bringing with him 30 years of experience in structural engineering and project management. He says an atmosphere like that at A&Z can’t be created; it happens naturally when co-workers and leaders work hand-in-hand and genuinely care about each other. 

Employees new to the A&Z organization also appreciate the positive environment. Mark Jesse, business development and client manager, recently joined A&Z.He shares what attracted him to join the firm. “There are no niches here. Everyone works together as a team and internal communication is simplified and clear,” shared Jesse. “We are empowered to do the right thing for our clients and to do whatever it takes to get the job done.” 

Empowering employees also means leaving egos at the door. “Our focus is on using our strengths as a team,” says Anabtawi. “We opt for every employee to explore new, different things. It helps them develop and helps us grow stronger as a company.” 

“Our dedicated and talented employees will continue to differentiate and shape the future of A&Z,” says Zwick. “It’s all about our people.”

A&Z Engineering, LLC

Owner(s): Jamal Anabtawi, P.E., & Warren Zwick, P.E.

Address: 1220 Ruston Pass Fort Wayne, Indiana 46825



Years in Business: 12

Number of Employees: 29

Products & Services: Civil and transportation firm providing roadway/highway/intersection improvements; construction inspection services; underground infrastructure and utilities improvements; land surveying; traffic impact studies; right of way services; bridge design and structural engineering; transportation planning/engineering studies and reports; trailways, bicycles and pedestrian paths; and funding acquisition assistance.

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