Ensure Your Wealth
M. Ryan Cybulski

Are you ensuring your wealth well enough? Has someone asked you this before? If not, then what does it mean to you? You may know how to insure yourself, but let’s explore what’s, why’s and how’s of ensuring your wealth. 

Ensuring yourself and your wealth is the cornerstone of your financial plan. This step ought to happen before we design a wealth building strategy. We can’t always believe everything we think. Sometimes, it’s important to have a professional sounding board to help us get out of our own heads.

We know that most houses built on a lackluster foundation don’t hold up well to Mother Nature. So why do we build our financial plans on top of an insecure defense strategy? What if we lose our health, our ability to earn income, or even our life? What happens to our family when disaster strikes?

It’s possible to use multiple products inside of your overall plan. Disability insurance ensures we have a paycheck coming in the event of not being able to work. We are 8 times more likely to suffer an injury or sickness that prematurely damages our career than we are dying prematurely. 

Long term care insurance keeps us from having to sell the family farm and being forced to enter a contract that drains us of $6,000 per month (the national average) for a nursing home.

Life insurance is used to ensure your family doesn’t add financial loss to the many hardships of losing a matriarch or patriarch. Certain types of life insurance even have a cash accumulating bucket that may be employed as a tax-free income funnel during your disbursement phase during retirement. This income stream is taken as a series of loans against your death benefit amount, and your interest on the loan can be paid out of pocket or from your benefit amount when you pass. It’s not for everyone, but we buy life insurance with our age and our health, meaning the younger and healthier you are the more protection you can get for less money. 

What have you done to ensure your family with long term wealth? Don’t have a plan yet? Be wise and secure your family’s “ensurance plan” so that you aren’t relying simply on luck. Your future self can’t wait to thank you!

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