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Fort Wayne is home to many great neighborhoods. Here are three options to choose from when selecting a place to live.
Elle Hey

Twin Eagles 
The Twin Eagles neighborhood in Huntertown has three entrances conveniently located on Coldwater Road, Cedar Canyon Road and Dunton Road. “Twin Eagles Boulevard is the signature street that beautifully winds from one side of the neighborhood to the other with a curbed and landscaped median,” says Clay Weir of Weir Real Estate. “There is significant landscaped signage and a common area for each section along with several ponds that are carefully maintained. This neighborhood is nearly complete with only a few lots remaining. Many large established trees are intermingled throughout and surrounding the sections of the neighborhood.”

The Twin Eagles neighborhood is comprised of several sections, including villaminiums, which cover a broad section of lifestyles, according to Weir. “A true asset that is commonly overlooked is the financial strength of the neighborhood association,” he says. “This association created a culture of enforcing the rules and has historically upheld the protective covenants and restrictions. The covenants are put in place for the greater good of the neighborhood which in turn support property values and continuity.”

The average sale price for a home in Twin Eagles is $454,000 with an approximate above grade square footage of 3,211.

Twin Eagles is prominently situated within minutes of the Parkview Regional Medical Center Campus, I-69, private and public golf courses, abundant and varied dining and shopping opportunities, and offers easy access to lake properties to the north.

West Central 
The West Central Neighborhood is characterized by a close-knit, community feel. It’s an eclectic area populated by families, artists, students and professionals. According to Brandon Steffen of The Steffen Group, people who choose to live in West Central are attracted to the older, historic homes, the neighborhood feel and the proximity to downtown.  

“Twenty years ago when I first moved to the neighborhood it was 70% rentals and 30% single-families,” says Steffen. “You would hardly see any children in the neighborhood. But now, all of these houses are being converted back into single-family homes. There’s a tremendous number of families moving into the neighborhood--lots of young professionals, too.”

People can expect to pay square footage prices between $100-135. “Twelve years ago I sold a house in West Central for $180,000,” says Steffen. “I just sold the exact same house for $330,000. Homes on the market in West Central last maybe a week. There’s a huge demand. There was only one undeveloped lot in the neighborhood, and it sold within a few hours of being listed. The buyers are moving from Cherry Hill to build a new home here in West Central on the lot,” he says. “That shows how the neighborhood is shifting—there hasn’t been a new build in West Central since maybe the sixties.”

West Central is a great neighborhood, where people come and never leave. “If you don’t like having close neighbors, this is not the place for you,” says Steffen. “But if you love a close-knit, porch-like community it’s the best. People walk each night, they visit with each other, and there are always tons of neighborhood activities. I hear from so many people living in the suburbs who say they never even knew their neighbors even after living there for ten years. That’s not the case in West Central—you’ll quickly get to know everyone.”

There are also several art galleries either within the neighborhood itself or at least within walking distance. More recently, Sheraton Court apartment community was given approval for retail on the first floor. There is also the West Central Creamery ice cream shop, a barber, a yoga studio, and of course Henry’s restaurant—all within the West Central neighborhood.

Heron Preserve 
Located in southwest Fort Wayne, Heron Preserve is a smaller neighborhood (106 homes) with a variety of architectural styles, says Beth Goldsmith of North Eastern Group Realty. As the only gated community in the Fort Wayne area, Heron Preserve allows residents to enjoy a more peaceful and quiet existence at the edge of the county, she says. “Home sites are larger than most subdivisions allowing for more space between houses. Many home sites are adjacent to a wooded preserve or spring fed pond for natural views.”

Residents choose Heron Preserve for reasons like the added security and privacy by the gatehouse, and limited traffic from non-residents. The larger lots and architecturally distinct homes are also attractive qualities to buyers. 

The average cost per above grade square feet is $180 for sold properties, says Goldsmith. However, the average cost per square foot of the current listings in Heron Preserve is $214. Lot sizes vary in the villaminium section from .2 to .5 acres while the single family residential lots range from .4 to 2 acres. 

Heron Preserve sits conveniently just ten minutes from I-69 and US 24, with easy access to Columbia City, Warsaw and Huntington. 

“Buyers interested in Heron Preserve should work with a Realtor familiar with the neighborhood and its residents,” says Goldsmith. “Request the covenant restrictions and drive through with an agent to see if this is the lifestyle you desire. It is truly a neighborhood about lifestyle and amenities.”

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