Hiring a Real Estate Agent
Kevin Gerbers, Realtor/Broker

The real estate market in northeast Indiana continues to be a seller’s market. Inventory is still down compared to past years, but new homes are hitting the market every day. In addition to existing real estate, new construction continues to increase as well. Sellers in this current market may ask, why not just sell by owner? Yet many people don’t realize how much a real estate agent does throughout the entire transaction to get to the closing table. 

Selecting a qualified real estate agent to handle your deal is crucial for a smooth process. From problem solving with inspection issues to keeping in constant communication with clients, a good agent will wear multiple hats to ensure a successful transaction for all parties involved. An agent will also take the time to make sure a buyer is qualified to make a purchase in the first place to prevent wasting anyone’s time—this is a critical time for sellers and each day on the market affects the sale. Once a property is under contract, a successful agent representing either the buyer or seller will spend a good amount of time on the deal as it nears closing.

When selecting a realtor, a client should consider the agent’s experience. Is this an agent who simply puts a sign in the ground, or is this an individual with years of experience and success within all areas of real estate? This agent should be able to help with all of the details regarding the purchase or sale of a home that clients don’t automatically consider, like inspection items and which experts to call to fix things. An experienced, seasoned real estate agent will be prepared to assist with all facets of the sale. 

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