All About...Todd & Melyssa Stock

Get to know the RE/MAX Results Owner/Realtor, his wife Melyssa and their family
May 6, 2017
Steve Vorderman
All About...Todd & Melyssa Stock


1. Golf Clubs: Todd loves the mental side of the game and it has also proven to be a way to spend quality time with his dad.

2. Books/Melyssa’s Kindle: Both of us love to read. Over the years, we have learned to cross over to each other’s favorite genres too!

3. Passports/Luggage: We both love to travel and explore new places. Our first international vacation was our honeymoon to London, Paris, and other parts of France. 

4. Tennis Racquets: Todd has loved playing tennis since he picked it up one summer before high school. It is a fun couples and family sport for us!

5. Indiana University Rock: We thought this represented our love of Big Ten Sports and Indiana University, especially! We both love IU, cheering on the Hoosiers, and going back to visit our alma mater. 

6. Wine: We traveled to Napa Valley in 2001 and have become hooked on discovering good wine! We are getting ready to take our fifth trip to wine country this May.

7. RE/MAX sign: Todd purchased the Angola RE/MAX as a third-generation owner from his parents at 30 and then merged with Larry Phillips at RE/MAX Results at 35. The RE/MAX Franchise is a great company to be affiliated with and has continued to create opportunities for our business to continue to grow.

8. Family Photo: Having three daughters that are pretty close in age has always been a lot of fun! They keep us on our toes with their unique personalities and busy schedules.

9. Bikes: Todd got the biking bug when he got this road bike for his 40th birthday, and Melyssa has enjoyed the ability to do something active as a couple. We have completed two “Hilly Hundreds” in Bloomington, Indiana and took an amazing biking vacation in Tuscany and hope to keep up with our biking adventures.

10. Mom Sign: When we decided to start a family, Melyssa decided to put her teaching career on hold and stay home with the kids. The sign sits on a shelf in our kitchen and it’s a good reminder of how fast time goes with your kids. 

11. Cookbooks: Our love of food is the other reason we have tried to find ways to stay active! We both love trying new recipes and cooking as a family. 

12. Photo of Ginger: Our cockapoo, Ginger, was the last addition to our family. We think she is pretty much the perfect dog . . . she doesn’t shed, can go for long walks, and loves to snuggle.

13. Basketball: Todd’s first love growing up in Indiana was basketball. He remains an avid Indiana Basketball fan and now enjoys working with our middle daughter Molly on developing her game. Molly loves basketball, is working on her own game, and has really enjoyed watching our local Homestead girls’ team this season!

14. Running Shoes: Melyssa enjoys running to stay in shape. She’s not an accomplished runner in terms of time or place, but enjoys the challenge of the sport.

15. Goggles: The goggles represent our oldest daughter’s passion for the sport of swimming. We are both in awe of the dedication, early mornings, late evenings, and long weekends that this sport requires of its athletes. 

16. Parrot painting: This painting represents our youngest daughter and her passion for all things crafty and creative. Her creative spirit and positive energy remind us to not take life too seriously. 

17. Backroads Catalog: Our love for travel led us to an awesome company, Backroads. We keep these catalogs on our coffee table to remind us that we want to take more of these amazing vacations.

18. Car Keys: Melyssa still thinks the Uber concept was probably designed by a group of moms trying to organize a carpool… she spends most of her afternoons driving kids to and from activities and to be honest, for as much as she groans about it, it is often the best quality time with the kids.

19. Tool Chest: This was Todd’s first piece of “furniture”. This was Todd’s Grandpa’s old tool chest that he restored and lined with cedar and gave to Todd before he left for college. Melyssa loves mixing old furniture with new.

20. Riley Children’s Hospital Plaque: Riley Children’s Hospital was always a charity that Todd supported through his work, but after Riley saved their middle daughter Molly in 2011, it has become a special place for Todd and Melyssa. The main corporate charity of Todd’s business, RE/MAX Results, is Riley Hospital and in 2016, the company donated over $44,000.00 to Riley through the efforts of all of their staff, agents and owners.

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