Well-Being at Work

Taking Care of Yourself
May 9, 2017
Dena Jacquay
Well-Being at Work

With a busy career and days filled with activity, how do you find the time to take care of yourself while at work? There are a number of things that you can do throughout the day which can help keep you active. As a result, this extra stimulus can increase productivity, creativity, and engagement. Here are a few examples of ways to increase your activity at work, all without a large investment of time or money. 

Take the Stairs
If you have stairs at work, take them. Even if it is just a few flights at a time to start. Make a habit of choosing the stairs instead of the elevator. Not only will you get a few extra steps in for the day, you will build up endurance over time. 

Drink Water
While personally this is a difficult one for me to follow, drinking more water throughout the day and minimizing your coffee or soda intake can help keep you hydrated. Even better, it doesn’t stain when you accidentally spill it on your nice outfit! 

Take Breaks
It is very easy to keep your head down and plug away at work but intentionally stopping to take a break – even if just for 5 minutes – can help get your blood circulating and give you a boost of energy. You can begin by choosing a restroom that is as far as possible from your workspace, even on another floor if possible. 

Eat Healthy Snacks
Instead of reaching for the sweets, try a piece of fresh fruit or a handful of nuts. This actually can have a positive impact on your energy for the remainder of the day instead of the sluggish feeling the brownies and cookies can leave you with. 

Walking Meetings
As the weather improves, try conducting a walking meeting to have a discussion with a colleague instead of sitting. A walk is a great way to increase your creativity and innovative thinking too. 

Breathing Techniques
Take a few minutes to meditate or try a structured breathing technique. Sometimes pausing reaps great benefits when working through a stressful situation or responding to an email. 

None of these techniques are ground-breaking and are certainly familiar by many. In fact, there are dozens more out there. However, it is most important to find the right activities for you, your work schedule and your environment. Above all, taking time out of your workday to pause and invest in yourself is well worth the rewards that it brings for you personally and for the organization in which you contribute your time and talents.

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