Cameron Memorial Community Hospital

Celebrates adding allergy testing and treatment as a new service line
Jun 5, 2017
Cameron Memorial Community Hospital

Reason for Celebrating...
Cameron Memorial Community Hospital is pleased to be adding allergy testing and treatment as a new service line for residents in Steuben County and the surrounding areas. Cameron ENT & Allergy (Dr. Teresa King) performs allergy testing on patients of all ages who are experiencing inhalant allergy symptoms. Additionally, Dr. King is able to provide two types of treatment: subcutaneous immunotherapy (allergy shots) and sublingual immunotherapy.

Company History…
Cameron Memorial Community Hospital has its roots in two Angola hospitals. Cameron Memorial Hospital was founded in 1926 by Dr. Don F. Cameron. Elmhurst Hospital was established by Dr. Lester L. Eberhart in 1945. In 1972 the two hospitals merged as one, with the combined facility located at its present site at 416 E. Maumee Street in Angola, Indiana.

A countywide fund drive was undertaken and $850,000 was pledged toward the $4.3 million required to finance the necessary expansion of the Cameron Hospital facility. The building was completed in 1977. The hospital has continued to grow with expansions in 1990, 1995 and in 2014, when Cameron leadership was proud to open a brand-new replacement hospital.

Mission Statement...
Our team commits to exceptional service and the highest quality, safest care - every patient, every time. 

Cameron Memorial Community Hospital

Address: 416 E. Maumee St. Angola, Indiana 46703

Phone: (260) 665-2141



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