Consistent Amid Change

Jehl & Kreilach Financial Management plans for Financial Consultant Cameron Collier’s deployment
Lauren Caggiano
Consistent Amid Change

Jehl & Kreilach Financial Management’s team approach knows no physical boundaries. The firm, with offices in Fort Wayne and Decatur, takes a collaborative approach to wealth management, while providing individual attention. Clients are not limited to the knowledge and expertise of just one financial professional —and that’s a good thing for clients and the sustainability of the business. 

Jehl & Kreilach Financial Consultant and CFP® Cameron Collier also serves as an officer in the Navy Reserve. In this role, Commander Collier has recently been recalled to active duty and is scheduled to deploy to the Middle East for a period of one year beginning later this summer. Collier, a graduate of the US Naval Academy and 16 year veteran of the US Navy, will manage the daily operations of the Navy’s Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center in Qatar. Collier says that while the year away from home will be difficult, it remains a privilege to serve his country. 

His deployment will certainly change the dynamics of the office—but not the end product which is exceptional customer service. 

“We have always valued the team approach, but now clients can have a tangible experience with our tactics,” Collier says. “I am optimistic about the future. We have the people, systems and processes in place to serve our clients regardless of the circumstance.”

“We provide you with a consulting team of Certified Financial Plannerpractitioners that work with you to help accumulate wealth and guide you in making smart financial decisions,” says Gregg Jehl, partner and founder. “The end result is a more thorough and comprehensive client experience.”

 Individual needs and situations vary, but the consultative approach does not.  In Jehl’s words, “We provide insight and guidance to individuals, families and businesses on investment and financial planning in order to increase growth, utilize and protect a lifetime of hard work, and save toward financial goals.”

Collier says he has been upfront and honest about his obligations, and clients have been understanding and supportive. The same goes for his wife and children, who are ages seven, four and one. Since they transitioned from active to reserve duty before starting a family, their children don’t understand what it means to be full-time military.

“Up to this point, I had been gone one weekend a month and two weeks a year,” he says. “This (deployment) will be a game changer.”

While a lot will change, there are some consistencies Collier can draw from during his time away. Financial planning calls for managing available resources and allocating them appropriately to allow for opportunity, balance and flexibility. Collier suggests that the same can be said of managing the work-life balance. “There is a set amount of hours in the day, and we must manage our time and efforts effectively to maintain a healthy amount of margin in our lives.” Proper life management will prove critical for Collier in order to balance his roles as husband, father and financial professional while serving his country halfway around the world. 

Commander Collier believes his family and practice will be stronger on the other side of his deployment, but it will take a team. That is exactly what Jehl & Kreilach offers.


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