Above and Beyond

Specialty Services Security raises the bar for security firms
Tammy Davis
Above and Beyond

Jeremy Western has been in the security business for his entire career, first as a deputy sheriff, and now as the owner of Specialty Services Security. If he knows one thing, it’s that providing protection means more than dispatching a guard. It’s about creating a sense of well-being while keeping people safe. 

“Not only are all our officers trained like law enforcement,” says Western, “but they also have to know how to interact with people. The image they project is important; they have to make people feel secure.”

Most Specialty Services Security officers have spent time in the military or law enforcement positions, and their job requirements include regular training outside the company. For example, officers must be skilled in areas ranging from emergency vehicle operations to report writing. In addition, armed officers must qualify with their weapons twice a year. Those requirements are not always typical for a security company.

“I expect a lot more from my employees,” says Western. “We go above and beyond when it comes to making a crowd or a person feel safe.”

In addition to the training, what really differentiates Specialty Services Security from other companies is its level of engagement. Western wants his staff to erase the image of a guard sitting unobtrusively at an event. Instead, he says, “our people are active participants, not just observers.”

For example, Specialty Services Security provides on-site protection to Auburn’s bi-annual auto auctions, which attract tens of thousands of guests to each event. The service the company delivers reaches far beyond simply protecting the cars. Attendees can call on the officers to help with almost anything, from medical situations to finding lost children to jumping a dead battery. Western knows that these services run outside the scope of his contract, but he also believes that keeping people happy and healthy goes a long way toward maintaining a calm atmosphere at an event, which plays a significant role in maintaining order and keeping people safe.

People have started taking notice of the company’s reputation for delivering top-level customer service alongside its security offering. Specialty Services Security not only provides security for Auctions America and R.M. Sotheby’s at car auctions all over the country, but also for DeKalb Health, Fort Wayne’s Downtown Improvement District, CBRE Sturges, the Northeastern Center and the Embassy Theatre, among others. The company also provides celebrity protection in addition to event and business security.

Lately, business has been booming, and Western loves the challenge of exceeding clients’ expectations on every job. 

“When you hire our company, you don’t just get a security guard,” he says. “You get so much more. We go above and beyond any job that’s required of us.”

Specialty Services Security

Address: PO Box 184 Auburn, Indiana 46706

Phone: (260) 908-6702

Website: specialtyservicessecurity.com

Email: specialtylegal@hotmail.com

Years in Business: 7; founded in 2010

Number of Employees: Approx. 50

Products & Services: Business and event security, private and celebrity guard services: Full- or part-time, armed or unarmed, uniformed or plain-clothed

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