A Smart Move

Why it’s best not to go it alone when it comes to buying or selling your house.
Aug 7, 2017
Jennifer Blomquist
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A Smart Move

John and Jennifer Holzhauser needed to buy a house.

“We were living in Columbus, Ohio, and I had just accepted a position with Vera Bradley,” says Jennifer. “We just didn’t know Fort Wayne.”

Then RE/MAX Results Broker Dave McDaniel entered the picture and the daunting task of relocating became a lighter load for the Holzhausers.

“He was our main point of contact for everything,” says Jennifer. “He was really helpful because he had worked with a lot of families with children and had made recent moves. Our children were in second and fourth grade at the time. Dave was very familiar with a lot of neighborhoods and the advantages of living in certain areas.”

With Dave’s guidance, the family started focusing on homes on the northwest side of Fort Wayne. But they were in a bit of a bind. They had excellent credit, but all of their equity was tied up in their home in Columbus, which hadn’t sold yet.

“We came to the realization that if our house didn’t sell, we were going to have to rent,” says John. “So, we talked with Dave and asked if he could find a house that we could rent to own, with the plan being that we would buy the house once our home in Columbus sold. We ended up doing that, but honestly, without Dave’s help, I don’t think it would have happened. I think we would have ended up in an apartment.”

“There are tremendous benefits to using an agent, for both buying and selling,” says Todd Stock, managing Partner and Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Results in Fort Wayne. “First and foremost, they can act as a navigator for you, so you avoid making any big mistakes. Most people can make good decisions if they have good information, but agents are local experts on literally everything from shopping to schools to neighborhoods, amenities and places to eat.”

Stock and his business partner, Larry Phillips, point out there are a lot of unique aspects to the northern Indiana real estate market.

“For one thing, there are so many multi-offers going on right now and to not have a realtor helping you with that would make it really difficult,” says Phillips. “Homes are hitting the market having dozens of showings and selling in 24 hours. If you didn’t have a realtor to help, I don’t know how you would manage that on your own.”

“It’s really tempting for both buyers and sellers to ‘go it alone’ because the market is so hot right now,” says Stock. “It’s like that all over the country, but I would say it’s to an extreme here in the Fort Wayne area. For most people, their home is the largest investment they’ll make in their life. There’s just too much at stake to make a poor decision. You need an advocate, an agent, to guide you through the process. There are a lot of things that can go wrong that can kill a sale.”

Once you find the right broker, Stock and Phillips say you need to be prepared to move quickly. 

“Mobile is huge right now,” says Stock. “People can drive around and if they see a real estate sign, they can pull up their RE/MAX app and it knows exactly where you are and will show you everything you want to know about the house that’s for sale as well as that of other nearby homes. And as the Holzhausers found out, the negotiating skills of a realtor are really priceless. When you have a broker, you have somebody who’s legally bound to represent your best interests. It’s their fiduciary responsibility to look out for you and protect you.”

“We just can’t say enough about our agent,” says Jennifer. “He always went above and beyond to help us. That was some time ago and he still keeps in touch with us and checks in with us. It’s because of him that our story had the positive outcome that it did.”

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