All About...Terry Ratliff & Mark Hannon

Get to know the artist and his husband, instructional coach at South Side
Aug 7, 2017
Steve Vorderman
All About...Terry Ratliff & Mark Hannon


1. Paints and work table: Terry is an artist, whose gallery is located at 1124 Broadway.

2. Pride flag: Terry and Mark have been married since 2004.

3. Harmonica: Terry enjoys playing the harmonica.

4. Casa menu: Terry was commissioned to do all of the artwork found inside Casa restaurants. Having his work displayed in the restaurants helped launch his career as an artist in Fort Wayne.

5. Wine: Terry loves wine, particularly dry reds.

6. Life vest and oars: Terry and Mark love to kayak. 

7. Beach hat: Terry loves the beach.

8. Trivial Pursuit: Terry is a trivia nut and loves trivia and Jeopardy. Terry says he has echoic memory in which he doesn’t know he knows the answers to something until a question is asked (like during trivia). 

9. Martini: Mark’s favorite drink is a dirty martini.

10. Note card: Terry creates and donates art each year for Francine’s Friends Mobile Mammography program. The artwork is sold and notecards are created out of the art. All the proceeds go back to the program.

11. Jeep mug: Mark and Terry both drive Jeep Wranglers and have driven many Jeeps over the years. Terry also loves coffee.

12. Pan: Terry loves to cook.

13. Stuffed dogs: Terry and Mark have two rescue pups at home named Leo and Wesley.

14. Bicycle: Mark and Terry both love to bicycle.

15. Horse statue: Mark grew up on a cattle farm where they also had horses.

16. Books: Mark is a huge book lover and has more than 1,000 books at home. He also previously taught high school English.

17. Baseball and IU hat: Terry loves to watch sports and particularly enjoys watching IU basketball.

18. Football: Terry used to play football and is still a fan of watching football.

19. Plant: Terry enjoys gardening. 

20. Ball State Sweatshirt: Mark went to BSU.

21. South Side High School hat: Mark is the instructional coach at South Side High School.

22. Colts shirt: Terry loves rooting for the Colts.

23. Downtown Fort Wayne painting in progress: Terry paints a lot of Fort Wayne scenes and is currently working on this one, taking inspiration from a photograph. 

24. Et tu, brute? shirt: Mark teaches Shakespeare, as evidenced by the quote from Julius Ceasar on his shirt.

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