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Coming Home
Alicia Tharp, editor
The Last Word

During the summer of 2010, I had my first introduction to Business People Magazine as an intern under then-editor, Lynette Fager. While my stint as an intern was short — I was here for the summer and returned to IU-Bloomington for my senior year of college — I fell in love with not only the publications but the staff and the environment. I had never been somewhere where everyone worked so seamlessly and effectively together and everyone was so positive. It was a business I admired and a place I always dreamed of returning to. 

When I graduated from college, I was hired by The Journal Gazette as a copy editor and later was promoted to the night city editor in the Metro department. I enjoyed my time at the paper, and I learned a tremendous amount about Fort Wayne, the news business and working under a strict daily deadline. However, when the opportunity arose for me to interview with BP, as silly as it may sound, it felt like the stars had aligned. I was nervous to leave a place I was comfortable and knew what was expected of me, but I knew the move to BP would be a challenge that would help me grow and progress in ways I hadn’t before.

The first few months here as a full-time employee have been wonderful. Maybe I’m still in the honeymoon phase, but I look forward to coming to work each day. I look forward to working alongside my coworkers and accomplishing the day’s tasks. I love that I get to invest myself in the magazines and be part of them from start to finish. I love having tangible, beautiful products I can hand someone proudly because I feel like my stamp is all over them!

Long story short, I could not be more proud of the work we do here and the tremendous publications we produce. I dreamed for seven years of returning to BP to be apart of something I admire so much. Coming back to the magazine has been like coming home. I hope as editor I am helping produce publications that you, too, are excited to read and excited to show off. Northeast Indiana is a place I’m proud to call home and I’m proud to work on magazines that showcase how great it really is. I look forward to a long future at Business People. Cheers!

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