Crossroads Courier Inc.

Celebrates expanded services of its Indianapolis hub.
Sep 6, 2017
Crossroads Courier Inc.

Celebrating... Crossroads Courier is celebrating the expanded services of its Indianapolis hub in the medical and orthopedic industry as well as the industrial and manufacturing industries. 

Its fleet includes a variety of vehicles from sprinter vans and standard cargo vans, to small economy vehicles and box trucks to serve customers with larger loads.

Company History… Crossroads Courier was incorporated in 2001 and has been providing delivery service 24/7 since its inception. Crossroads delivers items ranging from small envelopes to industrial size truck loads. It is dedicated to excellent service so customers can focus on other critical aspects of their business. It has daily routes that support a regular customer base and plenty of room to take on more. Crossroads’ employees are its greatest assets. Some employees are military veterans who provide stellar service. 

John and his wife Pat would love to offer employment to our city’s young people and encourage youth to become entrepreneurs.

Mission Statement… Crossroads Courier Inc. is a locally owned family business that provides a level of service to exceed customer’s expectations. Crossroads Courier strives to provide high quality, cost-effective courier service, meet and exceed the total needs of customers and build and maintain long-term relationships and partnerships

Crossroads Courier Inc.

Owner(s): Pat and John Hester

Address: 13116 Hollow Oak Road Fort Wayne, Indiana 46845

Phone: (260) 637-1766



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