Mercury Wireless

Celebrates its 10 year anniversary.
Mercury Wireless

Celebrating... Mercury Wireless is celebrating its 10 year anniversary! The company provides internet access to rural communities throughout Northern Indiana and Eastern Kansas.

“Reliable and affordable internet access is critical to the ongoing development of this great country and we are privileged to be a part of it. I am proud of what our team has accomplished in what feels like a very short 10 years and am excited to see what the next 10 hold for us,” states Garrett Wiseman, CEO of Mercury Wireless.

Company History… Mercury Wireless was founded in Topeka, Kansas, in September 2007. The company expanded into Indiana in 2014 and today covers more than 10,000 square miles in Northern Indiana and Eastern Kansas. 

Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Mercury Wireless is dedicated to providing internet access to rural American communities. Mercury provides both residential and business internet access and digital phone service.

Mission Statement… Mercury Wireless will promote economic growth in America by building advanced networks and providing carrier class internet and communication services to rural communities.

Mercury Wireless

Address: 6714 Pointe Inverness Way Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804

Phone: (800) 354-4915


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