Writer's Block

Send BP your annoucements
Dan Copeland
Writer's Block

Each month we get lots of announcements from northeast Indiana businesses, announcements about new employees, awards, promotions, mergers, acquisitions, certifications and more. We appreciate getting those announcements. They are published in Business People magazine.

Sometimes we do not have enough space to include all of them in the printed version of the magazine. Why? Because the number of pages we publish is a function of the amount of advertising in each issue. The more advertising, the more pages we publish and the more space we have to run announcements.

If your business is one that regularly sends announcements but does not advertise (or otherwise support) with us, I respectfully ask you to consider running some ads with us. It not only promotes your business, it allows us to promote it as well.

Even if you don’t choose to advertise with us, we want your announcements and will always do our best to include them.

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