Patient-Focused Health Care

Northeast Indiana welcomes an innovative health care model with DirectCare.
Sep 6, 2017
Patient-Focused Health Care

DirectCare offers DirectClinic, a Fort Wayne based socially responsible, direct primary care solution, where employers and consumers fund the routine primary care directly – Preventive care, immediate care, acute care and chronic disease management – and use health insurance to pay for any catastrophic events, like ER visits or hospitalizations.

The DirectClinic model is based on the premise that routine primary care should not burden insurance policies. Instead, DirectClinic charges a simple per-member per-month fee, allowing its members to receive greater access to providers and their services not only when they’re ill, but also before they become ill.

Health insurance still plays an important role in its total health care experience, but costs are reduced significantly because claims are limited to costly and catastrophic events.

DirectClinic is popular among employers because they do not have any investment or any long term financial obligations in building the clinics. DirectCare will build or lease a fully equipped facility and provide the best medical providers at its own cost. Employers simply pay the per-member per-month fee for their employees. 

In addition, the practice includes pre-negotiated and significant discount point-of-care Lab services, medication dispensing and imaging services (MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound, X-ray) for its members.

According to Sudhakar Krishnan, president and CEO of DirectCare, “We chose to start DirectCare primarily because of an observation that health care has not been working effectively with the current models, a lack of access and unaffordable cost escalation. Employers were struggling to figure out how to continue to offer great coverage to their employees without breaking their bank or making their employees pay the difference.”

DirectClinic caps the increasing cost of health care with a simple monthly fee of less than $70 per member. DirectClinic offers patients an affordable solution to health care, resulting in minimized insurance use to rare occurrences like ER visits or hospitalizations. This then allows employers to lower their own health care costs by using DirectClinic. 

The monthly fee includes the STOPLIGHT Wellness Program, a comprehensive wellness program combined with disease management to improve the health outcomes of those with chronic disease. The program rates each patient’s needs based on severity – red being the most high-risk, yellow moderate risk and green being the lowest risk. It is designed to assess, educate, track and monitor the health of each person. Color coding each patient allows the clinic to provide timely medical care based upon risk and need. 

Amy Howard, nurse practitioner at DirectClinic, says, “We encourage patients and members to be involved in their health and wellness program, so that not only can we help those people with chronic disease, we can keep them healthy for the rest of their lives,” she said.

The first step in evaluating whether DirectClinic makes sense for your company is a complimentary Opportunity Analysis. This analysis evaluates your current health plan utilization patterns and identifies the key opportunities for cost reductions. This enables you to see the projected ROI from a DirectClinic model within your population. 

With DirectClinic model, your company can look forward to better health outcomes, and more value, with top independent primary care providers guiding you down the right path.

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