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Celebrating an anniversary? Let BP create your company a commemorative book
Oct 5, 2017
Dan Copeland
Writer's Block

Last spring we were asked by the Building Contractors Association (BCA) to produce its hardcover 100th anniversary book. I was honored that we would be considered for this kind of publication.

We accepted the challenge and got to work along with the BCA staff and Centennial committee. Our art department, Danielle Hoelle and Elle Hey, did an excellent job of laying out the content provided by the BCA. Now that it is finished, the book has received rave reviews from BCA staff and membership.

If your organization or business is celebrating a milestone event and would like a unique and lasting way to preserve and commemorate that moment in its history, a hard cover book might just be the best way to do so.

Email me and I’ll show you what we can do for you.

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