Helping Fort Wayne by Helping Families

Crosswinds Counseling offers affordable services to anyone in need.
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Helping Fort Wayne by Helping Families

Mark Terrell, CEO of Lifeline, Crosswinds and Lasting Change, and his staff believe if they can help strengthen families, Fort Wayne will thrive. That’s the underlying philosophy for the organizations and the reason they do what they do. 

“We exist to help individuals succeed, families thrive and communities prosper,” Terrell explains. 

Crosswinds Counseling was born out of Lifeline in 2014 when the company recognized the need for more hands-on, proactive family counseling services. Lifeline works with kids and families already in the court system. Crosswinds intervenes before it gets to that point. 

“We believe early intervention is key,” Terrell says. “A family should not have to wait until their child is in trouble to seek help.” 

Crosswinds Counseling works with the entire family and aims to eliminate all barriers to getting the help they need by offering in-home counseling. 

“Families don’t have to go into an office and sit in a waiting room,” Terrell explains. “We go to them, in their home, where they are comfortable, and where our counselors can gather more information.” 

Crosswinds also offers a virtual option so families can speak with a counselor from anywhere, anytime. And soon, families will be able to use a new text-to-chat anonymous service to seek the help they need. 

“If we can eliminate all the barriers preventing a family from getting help, we can reach them sooner, before a problem gets too big,” Terrell says. 

Crosswinds offers many ways for people to reach out for help. Families can call, make an inquiry via the website, or send an email or text. The intake team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

“If a call comes in, it will be answered,” Terrell says, “Our goal is to provide a solution, even if we have to refer the family somewhere else. Our highly trained staff knows the right questions to ask to get a family help quickly.” 

While there is a cost associated with the services offered, Crosswinds uses a sliding scale so it is affordable for everyone.

“Our services are for everyone,” Terrell explains. “There are a lot of resources for the poor, and the mentality has been that the wealthy can afford to get help. Unfortunately, many won’t because of pride or embarrassment. The middle class typically suffers because they are not poor enough to qualify for help nor wealthy enough to afford it. We have done our best to eliminate the cost barrier for everyone, and because our counseling is confidential and provided in the home, we have eliminated the pride and embarrassment factor, as well.” 

Between the three branches, the organization has over 650 employees, of which hundreds are providing counseling services. It has varying degrees of services, from licensed counselors to master’s level counselors, social workers, case workers and coaches. The staff assesses the situation with each family and identifies what kind of provider they need. 

“Our job is to get the right care for each family based on their situation,” Terrell says. “Every case is different and we tailor the care to the family’s needs. Our goal is to help a family grow beyond the need for our services.”

Crosswinds may work with a family on a short-term or long-term basis, depending on the situation. It works with the whole family by conducting interviews, family meetings and individual sessions. It captures the whole picture and learns a lot through these interactions. 

“If you are struggling with addiction, mental health issues, marriage issues, child behavior problems, conflict or communication issues, we can help,” Terrell says. “We believe what we are doing can change our community and our country. Families are fundamental to the success of the community.”

Crosswinds Counseling

Address: 4150 Illinois Road Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804

Phone: (866) 718-9670


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