Committed to Their Clients

Locally owned and operated insurance agency, The DeHayes Group, focuses on growth and loyalty to better serve their clients.
Nov 13, 2017
Jennifer Blomquist
Committed to Their Clients

“We enjoy nothing more than growing up with our clients,” says Dave Relue, a managing member of The DeHayes Group insurance agency in Fort Wayne. “We love working with a client who starts out with two or three employees and ten years later, they have 20. We offer both commercial and personal insurance and no client is too big or too small for our agents to handle.”

Since it first started in 1982, The DeHayes Group has been locally owned and operated. The company’s managing partners say they are committed to keeping things that way to better serve their clients.

“Even though we are local, we are members of both the Keystone® Insurers Group and United Benefit Advisors, or UBA®,” says Jeff Pikel. “By doing so, it allows us to have market leverage, clout and access to intellectual capital with other agents throughout the country. We are reaching well beyond Fort Wayne to make sure we’re bringing the best products and services to our clients both here and all over the country.”

Pikel and his colleagues also point out a number of other factors that put the agency in a class of its own.

“If you look at our business cards, you’ll notice we don’t have titles listed, because we are all equal – we’re all managing partners. And we all have our personal cell phone numbers on there,” says Nick Groves. “We want to be as accessible as possible to our clients and we want them to know we are here for them, especially in a claim situation, and that they can call us any time. All four of us are from Fort Wayne and we have strong ties to this community. This is our home.”

An independent agent, The DeHayes Group represents many different insurance carriers.

“Our loyalty is to our clients,” says Kevin Burns. “We assess each client’s needs and match them with the appropriate carrier that will best fit their needs. And on a routine basis, we make sure that the client has the best coverage at the most competitive price. We internally shop around for our clients to ensure the best fit.”

While its philosophies and commitment to its clients have stayed the same for 35 years, The DeHayes Group recognizes that client needs are constantly evolving, which is why the agents are always looking for creative, cutting-edge solutions for the people they represent.

“There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ plan for our clients,” says Relue. “We take proactive steps with technology and programs to help them. For example, we have a wellness coordinator who works with our clients. This program is designed to help clients become proactive about their health insurance costs. We are committed to growing the agency both organically and through acquisitions. We are actively in a growth mode, because we know that the more we grow, the more we have to offer our clients.” 

The DeHayes Group

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