Tough + Efficient

Brigadoon’s Cruise Car America features a line of transportation vehicles available for a multitude of commercial uses.
Nov 13, 2017
Deborah C. Gerbers
Tough + Efficient

In January 2017, Brigadoon CEO Bruce Dye, and the leadership team of Brigadoon King of Carts started research for a new product line that would allow them to compete in specific commercial markets. The company was already involved in re-manufacturing and customizing Club Car vehicles for shipment across the country, but there were opportunities to fulfill a need for a different type of vehicle built specifically to shuttle groups of people, haul cargo and include a towing capacity. 

Don Osika, of the Cruise Car America executive team, explains, “Our current product line had proven both durable and popular for residential use, but its chassis and power plant were designed for use as a golf car first,” he says. “We were looking for a vehicle that shared the efficiency and reliability of a golf car-type vehicle, but was specifically over-engineered as a workhorse for off-course use.” 

The product line of Sarasota-based Cruise Car, Inc. fit the need. Cruise Car’s utility and transportation vehicles have proven their efficiency and value to users including the U.S. government and U.S. armed forces, leading universities and theme parks worldwide. Cruise Car America became the exclusive North American distributor of Cruise Car. 

Brigadoon executive team leader Dave Krites adds, “The applications of these vehicles are broad.“Colleges, universities, hospitals, airports, resorts and more all have a need for shuttles. From security, tours or for moving people and cargo, these vehicles are built to do it safely, quietly and efficiently.”    

The Cruise Car America line features eight vehicles. Other vehicle types are available for custom order. Some of the models currently available include 8- and 6-passenger shuttles, 2- and 4-passenger utility vehicles, and four additional models with various seating arrangements and cargo hauling capabilities. All feature an over-built front independent suspension, a lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminum body and frame, head and tail lights with brake and turn signal indicators, premium aluminum wheel and tire combinations, and a six horse power electric AC motor capable of speeds up to 25 mph. 

Osika explains that the company is in the process of obtaining a dealer license through the Secretary of State. “This will allow us to sell Cruise Cars with a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number),” he says. “The street legal package includes a complete lighting package and adds reflectors, dual side mirrors, DOT windshield with electric wiper, safety belts, MCO (Manufacturers Certificate of Origin) and the VIN attached by the factory.” 

The GSA (General Services Administration), which is responsible for government purchases, rates Cruise Car as an ‘exceptional’ vendor of premium transportation and low speed utility vehicles.  

Cruise Car’s business philosophy is customer-centric. “We want to deliver the ideal customer experience,” says Krites. “We want to over-deliver on our promises, provide ultimate value and build lasting relationships.” 

Cruise Car

Address: 1818 Research Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808

Phone: (260) 434-2447


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