More Than Just Insurance Policies

The DeHayes Group makes investments to better serve its clients.
Feb 5, 2018
More Than Just Insurance Policies

The DeHayes Group practices the ART of risk management – avoid, reduce and transfer. Access to safety material, informative seminars, a wellness program, compliance and training tools for human resources professionals, OSHA compliant record keeping platform, claims analysis and predictive modeling software are some of the investments The DeHayes Group has made to help their clients avoid and reduce risk. Dave Relue is the managing partner of The DeHayes Group. 

What investment is exciting you the most?

Relue: Our wellness program! With rising health care and health insurance costs, the most effective way to lower employer and employee costs is to help your workforce live healthier lives. Since implementing the wellness program in our company, we have seen some fantastic results – many of our employees now spend their break time or lunch time taking walks. While this may sound simple, we know it will have a long-term, positive impact on our employees. We are excited to share this program with others who are wanting to make a long-term investment in their employees.

How does government regulation affect your decision to make investments?

Relue: Government regulation has a dramatic effect on the direction of our investments. Recently, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) started requiring employers to electronically submit injury data. Therefore, we invested in a compliant, web-based application that enables employers to create and submit the proper forms. The application also enables employers to create state-specific first reports of injury and view injury metrics in real time. Access to this application is free for our clients and we know it will help them avoid and reduce risk.

What type of seminars does The DeHayes Group offer?

Relue: By far our most popular seminars have been the OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour classes for both construction and general industry. Upon completion, the participants receive an OSHA card certifying their completion of the course. We have found this to be a great negotiating tool with insurance companies to help lower the cost of insurance. Other seminar topics have been employee handbooks, cyber liability, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Affordable Care Act compliance. All of the seminars are designed to help avoid and reduce risk. 

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