Downsizing Made Easy

When it comes to the enormous task of making the big move to a smaller place, the folks at Scheerer McCulloch Auctioneers offer an alternative to the do-it-yourself approach.
Mar 6, 2018
Jennifer Blomquist
John Gevers & Steve Vorderman
Downsizing Made Easy

“We offer a service that is definitely in demand,” says Penny Gentile, business manager for Scheerer McCulloch Auctioneers, Inc. “The baby boomer generation is busier than ever and the thought of downsizing can be daunting.”

Gentile should know. She says the company receives a lot of calls from area baby boomers who inquire about the process of downsizing. Many of the callers tell Gentile they are opting to downsize before being forced to do so.

“A lot of them are doing it out of consideration for their children and other family members,” Gentile says. “We’re hearing from a lot of baby boomers they don’t want their loved ones to be burdened with the task of having to liquidate assets. Even though these clients are physically and financially capable of staying where they are, they’re choosing to make the move before their health or other issues dictate a change.”

Gentile says by anyone’s standards, downsizing can be a big job.

“Often, the hardest part is taking that first step. That is where we come in. People are always relieved when they call and an appointment is immediately set. We take the time to meet with family members at the house to assess what is needed. We offer suggestions and ideas. If the decision is made to go to retirement living, we have a senior relocation service with qualified and caring individuals who will make that happen. Once the client has relocated, we work on the remaining personal property items, including the house, and get them ready for auction. We literally take care of everything for our clients – from cleaning, to clearing out, to selling everything. Once we step in, our clients and their family members no longer have to worry about a thing.”

Gentile says she realizes her clients want to make the most out of what they’re selling and she is sensitive to that.

“People become attached to their personal belongings and assign a sentimental value to them. People are also often intrigued with the thought of selling items on the internet in the hope that the item will be seen by someone else as valuable. The idea is to get the items sold for as much money as possible. As most people know, this is time-consuming and takes a lot of work. This isn’t always the best fit for everyone. We are a highly organized and professional auction operation. With our trained and knowledgeable staff, we are able to not only sell personal property items, but we are able to get it to someone who really wants it. Auctions bring better prices because you are forcing people to bid for what they want. Our unique platform of live bidding also opens the items up to an international market. Auctions are, by far, the best way to go when selling your treasured belongings.”

Gentile points out the other part of the equation that makes downsizing difficult is the emotional aspect.

“Not only have people become attached to their personal belongings, they love the home they have. It’s a place where memories are created. The thought of leaving a home is also very difficult. Again, our staff, with their many years of experience, understands the emotional aspect that goes along with moving. We take the time to meet and get to know the family. Once the keys have been provided to us, we take ownership of the property. We offer support professionally and personally. We are empathetic to our clients and their needs. We want them to know that we’re here to help by getting them ready for the change. We work very hard for our clients. Our goal is to take the burden of relocating or downsizing away from our clients and allow them to focus on other aspects of the change.”

Gentile says her job is rewarding because she loves it when clients tell her how pleased they are with what Scheerer McCulloch has done and how quickly everything was done.

“It’s really a turn key approach,” she says. “We interact with our clients through the process, making sure they know exactly what’s happening. We offer our clients a proposal outlining the costs of an auction so they and their families know the cost upfront. There are no surprises. Scheerer McCulloch provides a full-service option for relocating and downsizing with the goal of a smooth transition while bringing the most money to our clients. We’re proud of the work we do and the results we bring.”

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