Writer's Block

Honorable business practices should always be followed
Dan Copeland
Writer's Block

I am fortunate that I have an outlet for my thoughts and, sometimes, frustrations. Last month I discussed a problem with a former prospective advertiser. I didn’t know what kind of response, if any, I would get to my column.

But, when that issue of Business People hit the street I received a number of responses. As I had suspected, I am not alone in my feelings about those who don’t do business in the most honorable fashion. It seems that many people experience the same kind of disappointment in others.

So, here is my recommendation. For those of you who do not do business in an honest fashion, knock it off. I’m sure it is not easy to do that. If you have been doing things in a less-than-honorable way all of your life, then you will have the toughest time changing your ways. You may have been doing things wrong for so long that you don’t have a clue how to fix your situation or, for that matter, what IS the right way to do things.

It’s like telling a lie. Once you tell it, you have to remember what you said and to whom you said it. Try doing that a couple of times and see where it gets you.

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