Questions You Should Ask To Build Trust with your IT Provider
David Grant, Creative Technology Solutions, Inc.

I often hear business owners say things like, “Well, we are supposed to be backed up, but I don’t know how that’s going,” or “Yes, they keep our computers running, and I think they also do something with antivirus.”

If you don’t know what your support company is doing, do yourself and your IT provider a favor and let them go.

Addressing the technology needs of your business are more than keeping computers operating, but trusting you have made the right choice in a technology partner who will take care of you.

And TRUST requires a relationship.

Because that trust and peace of mind only come through relationships, talk to your tech partner and ask questions like these on a regular basis.

1. “I heard about ‘XYZ Threat/Issue’ on the news. What do we need to do to address this?”

Send the link you saw or forward the email and ask. In many cases, the answer will be, “We’ve got you covered.” That’s what you want to know, right? Simply asking that question will help you move on to the rest of your day.

 2. “I know our systems are backed up, but out of curiosity, how long would it take for our server or staff person’s computer to be back up and running if his/her system went down this afternoon?”

You’re paying for this service. Don’t you deserve to know? By asking the question, you might find your IT company is excited to show you just how well you are being taken care of – and that’s a great thing.

 3. “How are my staff doing? Do they need training? What’s your sense of how they feel about the support they receive? Is there anything I need to address?”

Asking these questions makes you proactive in how you are supporting your team and removing potential obstacles to their success. Way to take the best next steps for your company!

 4. “Are we in alignment with our technology strategy?”

Your IT partner is keeping you on track. Checking in allows for pivots, feedback and accountability.

Don’t be passive. Instead, actively support the critical relationship between you and your IT provider. Through trust, you enable them to do what they do best so you and your business can work on what makes you successful. 

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