All About...Mike Nutter

Get to know the team president of the Fort Wayne TinCaps
May 7, 2018
Steve Vorderman
All About...Mike Nutter


1. Travel pamphlets: Mike and his family love to travel. These pamphlets are from a trip to Alaska for his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.

2. Buckeye necklace: Mike grew up as an Ohio State fan.

3. Golf score card: He plays a lot of golf.

4. San Diego Padres logo: The Fort Wayne TinCaps is a Class A Minor League baseball team affiliated with the San Diego Padres.

5. Ticket to Boston Celtics game: Mike and his family enjoy attending various sporting events, especially when they can spend the weekend together out of town.

6. Baseball mitt and card: Mike’s son Carson, 14, is a baseball player and Mike loves to play catch with Carson in their backyard.

7. Fort4Fitness half marathon running tag: Mike’s wife Beth is a runner, a hobby she began after their son Carson was born.

8. Erin’s House: Mike was on the board with Erin’s House for six years. He also volunteers on other boards including Visit Fort Wayne, Greater Fort Wayne, Inc. and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

9. Wedding photo and WillowTree figurine: Mike and his wife Beth were married in 2002. He says, with his busy schedule and their two children being born 15 months apart, Beth is a strong woman who holds their family together. 

10. Baseball: This is a regulation baseball that the TinCaps use.

11. Pom poms: Mike’s daughter Katelynn, 13, is a cheerleader.

12. Trophy: The TinCaps were the Midwest League Champions in 2009.

13. Glass trophy: The TinCaps staff were awarded with the 2016 John H. Johnson President’s Award for the best operation in Minor League Baseball. Mike credits the winning of this award to all of the great people he is blessed to work with. 

14. Casey at the Bat: Mike’s mother is a teacher and Mike is frequently invited to area schools to read to students. He always reads Casey at the Bat. At the end of the book, the students assume Casey will get a home run, but in fact strikes out. Mike says this lesson is important for the students because you can put in the work and sometimes others will still move ahead. 

15. Basketball: Mike keeps active and plays basketball every Sunday.

16. Books: Mike’s faith is important to him, and reading continues that.

17. Mickey Padres figurine: Central Florida is a second home for the Nutters. They go each year typically with his parents and siblings. 

18. Cross: Mike and his family attend the Chapel.

19. Sensory kit: These AWS Foundation sensory kits are available to anyone who may wish to borrow one for a TinCaps game. They contain noise-cancelling headphones, toys and more for anyone who may have sensory sensitivities and may not be able to typically attend a TinCaps game. Anyone wishing to borrow a kit may go to First Aid before any game and do so. They are sanitized and reassembled before each game.

20. Wizards jersey: The Wizards brought Mike to Fort Wayne from Nashville, Tennessee in 1999. He has spent 27 seasons with four Minor League teams, but Fort Wayne and the TinCaps are now home for Mike and his family. 

21. Baseball hats: The TinCaps are affiliated with the Padres; TinCaps/Wizards have employed Mike since ’99; Ohio State and the Cleveland Indians were Mike’s favorite teams growing up. 

22. Photo of stadium and downtown: The TinCaps have been vital to the surge of new growth and revitalization in downtown Fort Wayne. The team and staff are proud to be part of that and to help draw visitors downtown.

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