Premier Avionics
Jun 5, 2018
Rebecca Neild

Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) is reliant upon a number of people and businesses to make everyday airport operations successful. Premier Avionics, located on the FWA airfield, provides maintenance services for commercial aircraft and is led by owner Brian Paugh. 

Premier Avionics came to FWA in 2010. Paugh worked with the FAA to start the company and was officially issued the Repair Station Certificate for Premier Avionics on October 28, 2010. Premier Avionics provides a number of avionic and maintenance services for pilots and aircraft including avionic equipment installations, troubleshooting, parts replacement, maintenance for aircraft and more. Premier is a certified Cessna service center and also provides on-call maintenance for aircraft at FWA, including maintenance for all commercial carriers. 

In 2015, Premier Avionics was tasked with providing maintenance service for FWA. It took over maintenance services at FWA on January 1, 2016, and provided a seamless transition for the services required. In providing this service to the airport, Premier is the on-call maintenance provider for the airlines that fly in to and out of FWA, meaning that if an aircraft has a maintenance issue and can’t depart, Premier is called in to look at the issue. To date, Premier Avionics has not missed a service call for the airlines operating from FWA. In addition to providing maintenance to the commercial airlines, Premier also offers maintenance services to Fort Wayne Aero Center transient customers, and those who may not have a maintenance facility of their own. In providing these services, Premier’s main goal is always to get the aircraft up and running as safely as possible. 

To complement its existing Repair Station Certificate, as well as to provide the best service possible as the maintenance provider to FWA, Premier Avionics was recently awarded its full Maintenance Certification after beginning the process in 2015. To complete this process, Premier had to work closely with its Flight Standard District Office (FSDO) through the FAA. With that, it had to provide documentation of many aspects of the operation, have all training and manuals approved, and show that there was ongoing work and service being provided by Premier to customers. In total, the process took 27 months, but has allowed Premier to advertise the maintenance aspect of the business – expanding its customer base, growing its number of employees and becoming a “one stop shop.”

FWA is proud to have people like Brian Paugh, and companies like Premier Avionics, working hard every day to help improve not only the passenger experience, but the airport as a whole. By working hand-in-hand with airport staff, and assisting both commercial and general aviation aspects, Premier Avionics is considered a true asset to Fort Wayne International Airport. 

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