Building Culture through Personal Connections
Kelli Warner, Design Collaborative

Workplace culture isn’t easy to define because it’s made up of many things. It’s more than just your company mission and vision. Strong culture is directly tied to engagement, and engaged companies are places where people are excited to come to work. According to Gallup, engaged workplaces see reduced levels of absenteeism, lower turnover rates and increased overall profits.

A big part of building culture is creating a workplace where associates can form strong relationships with one another. People need to feel there are others on the team that care about not just what they can produce, but who they are and how they feel. Here are some of the ways we encourage relationship and culture building at Design Collaborative.

  • Starting the week as a group by sharing weekend highlights at the all-staff meeting every Monday morning
  • Ending the week as a group at TGI4:30 on Friday afternoons, where we wind down with conversation, drinks and games
  • Monthly fun events that allow us to get out of the office and get to know each other better in a casual environment
  • Our community hub is centrally located in our lobby, where staff can hold impromptu meetings, gather for lunch and welcome clients into our space
  • Family events and holiday parties throughout the year help us engage with co-workers and their families on a personal level
  • Our open office concept – even our partners don’t have private offices – promotes connection and collaboration

At the end of the day, workplace culture is not something that can be forced. It comes naturally from the leaders of your organization, the people around you and the relationships that you build. Culture is different from one company and industry to the next, and that’s a good thing. It’s important to be unique, foster a culture that exemplifies who you want to be as an organization and how you want others to perceive your business.  

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