The Last Word

(Wo)man's Best Friend
Aug 8, 2018
Alicia Tharp
The Last Word

I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm. My family raises our own cattle and chickens, and used to raise pigs. We have large gardens in which we grow all our own veggies that we can or freeze for the winter months. We have tractors on which I learned how to drive and yards that needed to be mowed. It’s the only life I’ve ever known, but I think there’s no better way for a kid to grow up than on a farm. I was taught how to tend the animals, work in the garden, preserve the vegetables, work the ground and mow the yard. I learned the value of a hard day’s work and a hard day’s labor. I also was fortunate to always have a dog. More specifically, we always had German shepherd dogs. Our shepherds were always outside dogs, and while they loved us and we loved them, they were always pretty independent. 

But then came Molly. I met Molly for the first time when she was four weeks old. She was mostly black, had little tiny bent over ears and she sat on my lap and let me love her. I brought home a much bigger pup at eight weeks old and boy was she a challenge! She shredded shoes and hung off my pajama pants until she ripped holes in them. She destroyed potted plants and dragged dirt and ripped up plants all over the yard. When an addition was being put on the house she irritated the workers by nipping at them and stole things from the worksite.

But then she grew up and turned into the best dog! She’s lovingly called my velcro dog because no matter where I go, she goes. Molly loves to go on car rides and likes to go visit the farm and go for walks at parks. She loves my seven nieces and nephews and tolerates them smothering her with love – but heaven forbid I try that! She loves ear scratches and likes to rub on your legs like a cat. She can’t stand being alone and loves being with people. But I never doubt for a second that she’d protect me in a time of need.

All this to say, while I always had dogs growing up, none of them were ever a true companion like Molly. It may be cheesy to say since I don’t have a child, but I sure love her like a child. I’m blessed to have a dog who brings me so much joy on a daily basis. You have to appreciate the simple things in life, right? Take a minute to appreciate the simple joys in your life – like dogs!

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