You What?

Bill Khorshid, president, Bralin Laser Services
Oct 8, 2018
Jeffrey Crane
You What?

Do you have a nickname? My name is William but my friends and family call me Billy

Describe yourself in three words. Driven, loyal and compassionate

In what city did you grow up? Fort Wayne

What book has had the greatest impact on you? The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

What is the first movie you ever saw in a theater? Aladdin

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Professional athlete, growing up with a Michael Jordan jersey might have had some influence on this

What is your favorite part of your job? Working with others to find a solution to better ourselves and the organization.

What do you actually do at your job? My goal everyday is to be a leader. Through communication or example, I try to display that what we do does make a difference. Whether that be forming a steel part or visiting a customer, each process will lead to a better product.

What do you love most about Fort Wayne? The determination and expectation to grow, everyone I talk to wants Fort Wayne to be the best city

What was your first job? I basically worked as a janitor for our family’s machine shop (cleaning the inside of machines). It taught me a valuable lesson that I needed to put the work in to become who I am today. 

What is your biggest pet peeve? Bad drivers, please move out of the passing lane!

Do you have a motto you live by? If so, what is it? Good, better, best; never let it rest until the good is better and the better is best

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to cast as you? Hugh Jackman

What would you choose as your last meal? A meal with my family

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Greek Islands

How often do you exercise? 5 days a week

What does your workout regimen consist of? Running, soccer, golf, lifting and boxing

What is something nobody knows about you? That I like to think I am a chef

Where will you go on your next vacation? Croatia or Barcelona

What’s one thing you can’t live without? My wife, Amanda

If you could give your 15 year-old self advice, what would it be? Pick up some books outside of the curriculum, you’ll be surprised how much you learn

Name one person who has inspired you in your life. My dad, who had the courage to come to the U.S. from the Middle East with nothing but a dream

If you hosted a talk show, who would be your first guest? Jimmy Fallon 

What is one important skill you think everyone should have? Communication

What was the last gift you gave someone? As a new uncle, we gave our nieces and nephews the coolest clothes

What is your favorite...

Vacation spot? Thunder Beach, Canada 

Holiday? Why? Christmas, great time to be with family

Sports team? Chicago Bears

Song? Three Little Birds -Bob Marley

Drink? Arnold Palmer

Movie? The Greatest Showman

Downtown locale? The Embassy

Fort Wayne feature? Hoppy Gnome

TV show? Suits

Hobby? Golf 

Flavor of ice cream? Strawberry

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