Writer's Block

Print is seeing a resurgence
Dan Copeland
Writer's Block

There was a time when people asked me what the future of print (specifically magazines) was. They were pretty sure that magazines, newspapers and anything else related to paper was going the way of the steam engine, only to be discussed when talking about the way things used to be.

I don’t hear those questions very often these days. Not that it has been bad, but we have seen a resurgence in advertising in all of our publications. Old and new companies alike are showing interest in getting their message out to the businesses and people of northeast Indiana the old fashioned way – in print.

Even social media giants are turning to print. Maybe you have seen Google’s direct mail piece soliciting advertising for its online venues? Google! Using print to sell its ad space. It sends these ads in the U.S. Mail on a regular basis. Oh, the humanity!!

Just yesterday, on NPR, I heard a segment about Amazon’s latest adventure. Soon kids everywhere will be thrown back in time and turning the paper pages of the new Amazon toy catalog.

What in the world is going on? What happened to the paperless society?

I think we are ahead of the situation here at Business People magazine. We have been producing paper publications for a few years. So, if you haven’t discovered the benefits of print media, please join your friends and consider advertising with us. You just might find out that print still works and just might be the medium of the future.

Thanks for reading this.

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