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Your security and privacy are Federal Records Managment’s top priorities.
Your Documents... Managed

“We are the only certified and locally owned, full-service information management company. We work here and we live here too,” says John Hanley, President and Owner of Federal Records Management & Shredding (FRMS) in Fort Wayne.

Located on Hayden Street, FRMS offers over 24,000 square feet of space for records management and document shredding services. “We are certified in both off-site and on-site shredding services, based on our customer’s preferences, as well as full-service records management, and hard-drive destruction,” says Hanley.

FRMS takes security seriously which is evident in its AAA NAID Certification, something the company has maintained for five consecutive years. This certification means that FRMS operates at a higher level of security. “The certification means our policies and procedures are audited on a yearly and unannounced basis. It means that our employees are background checked on federal, state and county levels, drug-tested, have mandatory and legally binding confidentiality agreements and have been thoroughly trained and are continually re-trained on how to handle the highly sensitive information we are entrusted with,” says Hanley.

The services offered by FRMS are needed by every business that handles personal and confidential information – information generated by their own employees and customers. “We have more than 400 customers throughout not only Fort Wayne, but the entire state of Indiana, southern Michigan and western Ohio,” says Hanley. “We also offer drop-off service for anyone who has personal information they would like to shred. We do not limit our services to businesses and corporations. We recognize the need for everyone to protect their personal information.” 

With eight employees, FRMS maintains its dedication to exceeding customer expectations. “We understand that there are times when it’s imperative that you speak to someone after hours or on weekends. Our customers are given our cell phone numbers as an added layer of confidence that we are here for you, when you need us. Our reaction time definitely sets us apart from larger corporations,” says Lindy Fritz, office manager at FRMS. 

FRMS also offers customers the ability to be escorted through its facility anytime they’d like to see the security features in place behind the scenes. Its warehouse facility is equipped with state-of-the-art, 24/7 digital video surveillance, cameras on all access points both on the interior and exterior of the building and throughout all areas where confidential material is shredded and where records are stored. Not only is its physical location secure, its trucks are equipped with locks at every entry point and GPS tracking in real-time.

Hanley says, “When it comes to records management, many times our customers come to us after having used a storage facility for their records. They’ve realized that not only is the security lacking in that type of environment but we are typically a more cost-effective option and certainly less labor intensive for their employees.” 

FRMS’s barcode tracking system allows a complete chain of custody from customer to warehouse to final destruction. “Our reaction time for file or box requests can be as short as twenty minutes, if needed. We do not just store your records, we help manage them, and we make the process as easy as we can for our customers,” says Hanley.

Although FRMS is a small company, it is evident the employees care about what they do and who they represent. “The people that work for this company are exceptional. They are honest, dedicated, and hard-working. Their core values as people and as employees set them apart and I am lucky to have such a strong team,” says Hanley.

With customers in the finance, law, medical, government and education fields, FRMS knows that security is first and foremost. FRMS may be small but its dedication to the job it does is paramount to its customers and the security they feel. Hanley doesn’t take that for granted: “Our customers trust us, and that means everything.” 



Federal Records Management & Shredding

Owner(s): John Hanley

Address: 1140 Hayden St., Suite A Fort Wayne, Indiana 46803

Phone: (260) 267-9652


Number of Employees: 8

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