The Good Fight

Law firm Boughter Sinak, LLC fights for individuals with personal injury claims
Nov 6, 2018
Tammy Davis
Gail Herendeen

With the nickname of “The Fighter,” Robert Boughter has made a name for Boughter Sinak, LLC by championing the rights of clients in matters of personal injury and wrongful death. While the nickname seems tough, Boughter says his work is really about heart.

“I’ve never liked the way people are often treated by insurance companies. They feel like just a claim number and often get lost in the process,” says Boughter. “I really have a heart for the people who are affected.” 

That’s why, after starting his career working in insurance defense, Boughter ultimately decided to represent the claimants themselves. He founded Boughter Law in 2008 and has drawn from his inside knowledge of insurance defense to help individuals and their families secure fair compensation for their personal injury or the loss of a loved one tragically killed in an accident.

“My background has really helped me understand how the defense will approach a case, and we use that to our advantage,” says Boughter. “At the end of the day, we’re the ones truly helping families through the process, and they very much appreciate that and rely on our expertise.”

Now known as Boughter Sinak, LLC, the firm devotes its work exclusively to clients who have been seriously injured or killed in any kind of accident. The unique circumstances of every case and the emotional energy that surrounds it command a particularly high level of engagement. 

“We develop long-standing relationships with our clients,” says Boughter. “We develop a personal connection, empathize, and understand their plight. It can be very emotionally charged, but at the end of the day, I appreciate being able to help people through the process.”

Boughter takes a methodical, objective approach to each case, making sure to give clients a candid evaluation of its merits before determining whether to proceed. 

“We take pride in giving clients a straightforward analysis of their case. We call it the good, the bad, and the ugly,” says Boughter. “We’d be doing them a disservice if we didn’t include the weak points, too. They need to know all of that so they can evaluate and determine how to move forward with a claim.”

Usually, says Boughter, the issue rests not on the validity of the claim, but on the determination of its fair value for compensation. In the process of preparing each case as if it will go to a full jury trial, the appropriate value will become apparent, and most cases end up settling out of court.

“We don’t do this to help clients receive a windfall. The goal is to obtain fair value for the claim,” says Boughter. “We want to get closure on the claim so the client can focus on the other, more important aspects of healing.”

To that end, Boughter Sinak, LLC spares no expense in litigating a claim to obtain the fair value.  

It takes many years and a lot of hard work to build a successful injury-only practice. After his solo start in 2008, Boughter hired attorney Kenny Sinak in 2013. Though both are very driven and focused, they operate with different styles; the combination brings balance to the firm.

“Kenny complements me very well,” says Boughter. “We work very closely in a team effort on all cases so we can obtain the best result for a client.”

“Kenny’s a great guy,” adds Boughter. “He’s a very meticulous lawyer and conscientious with clients. He’s also respected and liked by all his peers. I am proud to call him my law partner.”

Together with Sinak, Boughter has continued to build the firm into a successful personal injury practice that focuses on clients first. In 2017, Boughter Sinak, LLC moved into its current space in southwest Fort Wayne, a building designed specifically for client comfort.

“We wanted to provide a space for clients where they feel relaxed and comfortable,” says Boughter. “A lot of firms feel sort of cold, and that can contribute to a client’s anxiety.”

With that in mind, Boughter personally oversaw every detail of the build-out, from color palettes to décor to places for clients to retreat and their children to play. In addition to several tastefully appointed individual office spaces and conference rooms, the Boughter Sinak building boasts a relaxation lounge, a private courtyard, a children’s play area, a saltwater fish tank and many luxury amenities. Soothing music plays quietly in the background.

“I put my heart and soul into it and I’m very pleased with the outcome,” says Boughter. “Clients really appreciate the office and the level of service it provides.”

No description of the building would be complete without mention of Boughter’s rescue German Shepherd, Siegfried the Great. Affectionately dubbed “Ziggy,” the dog frequently accompanies Boughter to the office to provide calming therapy to clients. 

In addition to being the office mascot, Ziggy is symbolic of the work Boughter does with people. Adopted from Westside German Shepherd Rescue in Los Angeles, Ziggy suffers from a seizure disorder that requires not only expensive medication, but also a high degree of engagement with his caregiver. Boughter accepted Ziggy without hesitation and has been by his side through every step of his transition and recovery. It’s the same passion and loyalty Boughter brings to his human clients.

“We’re going to fight for you,” says Boughter. “No matter what the outcome, our clients will have a sense that we were loyal to them and that we did everything we could for them. They don’t have to go it alone against a big company with lots of resources.”

Although no level of compensation will ever bring back a loved one or erase an injury, clients of Boughter Sinak, LLC can rest assured that their attorneys will do everything possible to make the best recovery for them. The firm has earned its reputation to “put a fighter on your side.” 

Boughter Sinak, LLC

Owner(s): Robert Boughter & Kenny Sinak

Address: 5150 W. Jefferson Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804

Phone: (877) 750-HURT (4878)


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