Printing with a Passion

New Haven Print’s success means being able to give back to the community.
Jan 4, 2019
Tammy Davis
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Nestled amid a stretch of retail and commercial establishments along US 930 heading east into New Haven, the tidy gray building that houses New Haven Print belies its impressive resume. The company offers a full range of printing services, from printing to mailing to promotional items and all the support functions necessary to accommodate them. Though New Haven Print’s primary customer base is located in northeast Indiana, New Haven Print’s President Craig Dellinger and his team also offer supplementary printing for companies around the country.

“We do printing for other printers from Maine to Alaska,” says Dellinger. “Production equipment costs so much that a lot of smaller shops can’t afford it, so we offer that service. There’s not much we can’t handle.”

In order to weather a shift in the industry away from conventional bulk printing, Dellinger now offers customized web-to-print storefronts, and the business is growing rapidly.

“I think we have the best system around,” says Dellinger. “We’re creating storefronts that companies can use to order just about anything we can produce. The designs can be completely customized, and customers can proof their order online and see it delivered within a few days. It’s fast and easy.”

New Haven Print’s “whatever it takes” approach, coupled with top-notch service, has earned the company an impressive list of accolades, including being named Printer of the Year in 2011 by the National Association of Print Leadership and the National Association of Quick Printers. Dellinger, however, is just as proud of his community as he is of his business.

“Having a successful business gives me the flexibility to be involved in the community,” says Dellinger. “And this company is definitely involved big-time in the community.”

Over the years, Dellinger has become ever more passionate about improving the world around him, starting in his hometown of New Haven. He has lots of ideas, a wealth of contacts and a listening ear. Most importantly, Dellinger brings the same attitude he brings to his business: he’ll do whatever it takes to get it done.

“It always really bothered me that people would complain about things but never volunteer to help,” says Dellinger. “I never wanted to be that person.”

In fact, he is far from it. Dellinger sits on the Executive Committee of the New Haven Chamber of Commerce and the New Haven Plan Commission. He has represented the 3rd District of New Haven as a city councilman since 2012, and he is also a founding member and past president of the New Haven Community Foundation, among other things. Dellinger’s entire resume of current and past service is too expansive to list.

Dellinger shrugs off praise for his service with the hint of a smile. “I’ve just always been part of a small group of citizens that takes on projects and gets them done,” he says.

Those projects are making a big difference in New Haven. In 2016, for example, the city and the Parks Department bought 30 acres of land and a building that was repurposed for use as the New Haven Community Center. The facility now features a banquet area, fitness facility, active classrooms, meeting space, a kitchen area and outdoor green space. Although the Community Center is already fully functional with a constant flow of activity, Dellinger is excited about plans for future expansion, including a locker room, outdoor athletic fields and an inclusive playground. He is even working to acquire sponsorships to fund a field house.

“We have a lot more ideas,” says Dellinger. “The Community Center is a jewel for New Haven.”

Dellinger is particularly proud of his work with the
New Haven Community Foundation, which he helped set up in 2013 with a group of other passionate New Haven residents. Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded nearly $70,000
in grants and has spearheaded projects that include the construction of a band shell in Schnelker Park and the recent lighting of the downtown for Christmas. The Foundation is currently organizing a project that includes the painting and placement of bulldog statues throughout the city. Its goal is to promote the city through public art and events centered on the statues.

“I’m really proud of the foundation and want to see it grow,” says Dellinger. We’ve raised about a quarter of a million dollars in four years. It’s fun to be involved with it.”

Recently, Dellinger’s work with another group paid off in a big way. His association with the City of New Haven has allowed him to work with the New Allen Alliance, an all-volunteer collaboration that includes the communities of Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Leo-Cedarville, Monroeville, New Haven, and Woodburn. The purpose of the group is to foster a coordinated effort in the community and economic development of east Allen County. 

In early December following a rigorous application and vetting process, the New Allen Alliance became one of two communities designated as a 2018 Stellar Community. As such, the region will have access to $64 million in state, local, and private funding, of which more than $20 million has been designated for New Haven’s projects. The Stellar Grant will be transformational for the communities of East Allen County, which have joined together under the banner of “Seven Unique Communities, One Bold Vision.”

“It’s really exciting,” says Dellinger. “We all worked together to be one force, and New Haven is a great place to live, work and play.”

Clearly, serving his community is a deep-seated passion for Dellinger, and he approaches it the same way he runs his business: by rolling up his sleeves and approaching each project with a can-do attitude. He believes that building up the community is ultimately the best way to support his company. 

“It’s all about looking forward to the future and what we can do to keep up with customers’ needs,” says Dellinger. “It’s important to me that clients know who they’re doing business with.”

Whether he’s talking about New Haven Print or the community itself, Dellinger has a singular mantra: “There’s not much we can’t handle.” 

New Haven Print

Address: 7531 Indiana 930 East Fort Wayne, Indiana 46803

Phone: (260) 493-3844


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