The Last Word

Spring Renewal
Feb 5, 2019
Alicia Tharp
The Last Word

The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also. —Harriet Ann Jacobs

Spring is coming! I know it may not seem like it yet, but it really is coming! And that’s a rather comforting thought, isn’t it?

What do you look forward to most in the spring? When I look to spring, all I can think about is throwing open the windows to get in the fresh air and putting my sheets in the sun to dry. It doesn’t get much better than that warm spring air pouring in the house. I feel like it chases out all the germs and stale air leftover from winter.

It’s amazing how 50 degrees in the spring can feel so warm and revitalizing, when 50 degrees in fall seems so cool and putting on layers feels necessary. When it reaches that temperature, I am ready to get out for long park walks with my German shepherd Molly. We love going to Fox Island or Evergreen Park in Huntington.

I also can’t wait to clean. There is just something about the feelings of renewal and a reset in spring that make me want to get every corner spotless and go through my closet to clear clutter out and ditch the vestiges of the long winter. 

All this is just my long way of giving you a gentle reminder that it is still coming, even when these cold months linger on and it doesn’t feel like we will ever get there. Stay strong friends, warm and sunny days are approaching! 

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