Build Better Work Relationships
Feb 5, 2019
Aisha R. Arrington, LTC Ombudsman Program

Kindness in the workplace is not an old-fashioned way to do business. In fact, kindness can help build stronger better relationships. In this world of deadlines, longer work days and ever-growing responsibilities, it can be challenging to lean into kindness. However, creating a kinder way to deal with every day interactions can be the very thing that will open new opportunities. Here are a few tips to help practice kindness in our work life.

  1. Build Sincere Relationships
    When you lead with kindness, people will see you as trustworthy. Being trustworthy means, not only are you kind, but you stay clear of gossip. Those around you will feel comfortable sharing their real life experiences. Being vulnerable enough to be authentic is a risk worth taking when it comes to building worthwhile relationships.
  2. Acknowledge Good Deeds 
    Everyone appreciates a “thank you” or a simple “great job.” Shining a light on others for their accomplishments or hard work can be just that boost of confidence needed for them to continue producing great work. If someone has gone the extra mile, consider mailing a handwritten thank you. Research shows that handwritten thank you notes can be very powerful.
  3. Listen 
    Listening might be one of the most kind things that we can give to another person. It means tuning out everything else. Flip the phone over to cover the screen, position yourself to look directly at the person and don’t give in to the urge to comment before the person is done speaking. 
  4. Make it Personal
    Personal connections can begin with kind gestures that are easily incorporated in everyday work life. Be the first to straighten up the coffee station. Help someone carrying a load to their car. Leave a post-it on the computer screen with a motivational quote. Give a gift that has a thoughtful meaning behind it for special occasions – gifts do not have to be expensive; remember it is the thought that counts.
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