Your First Offer is Your Best Offer
Sep 6, 2019
Lynn Reecer, Encore Sotheby’s International Realty

Have you heard that real estate principle before?

In marketing and negotiating numerous real estate listings over the past decade, this has occurred about 85 percent of the time. Why is that? Because TIME KILLS A LISTING. 

This is the principal that has dictated the approach to listing and selling homes since I began this career in 2010. It is why it is so critical to use a successful broker and agency, professional photography and staging expertise, home organizers to declutter and minimize owners’ belongings, home inspectors to pre-inspect, maintenance and repair professionals and more before you “go live” on the internet/market.

Most consumers view homes online first, photos of homes that is, and most people feel they have evaluated the home’s value based on price and what they see. Your first few weeks are prime time. That is when you can get closest to asking price because it’s fresh and new on the market vs. listings that are dated. 

A property is only going to sell for what someone is ready, willing and able to pay for it. The collective market knows way more than you, any real estate broker or appraiser knows about its value and they are speaking to you as soon as you go on the market. How so? By scheduling showings and making offers…. or NOT. 

There are many successful cases where clients prepared their home, priced it right and sold quickly for close to asking price. The goal is always to procure the most efficient and profitable sale for sellers. You can start on the high end of the estimated price range, but the key is listening to what the market is saying and making adjustments as needed, sooner rather than later.

The most important point to note about real estate listings is this: 99 percent of consumers do not take care of their real estate assets like they do their dental and physical health, vehicles, taxes, finances, legal matters etc. with one long-term, proven, professional consultant with a solid support team. For almost all of us, our real estate is our greatest financial investment/asset and must be prioritized by hiring a long-term real estate advisor to provide the expertise and support needed for all of your lifelong real estate decisions.  

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