Since You Asked...

What is the most useless item you've ever purchased?
Feb 5, 2020
Since You Asked...

"The most useless thing I ever bought was a single egg frying pan. A $1 steal at Goodwill and although it sounded like a good idea – it never was used!"
-Aisha Arrington, Long Term Care Ombudsman Program of Northeast Indiana

"The most useless thing I ever purchased was a high performance bicycle. I was attending a charity function with my wife and saw this wonderful top of the line bicycle. Keep in mind, I’m not a bike rider. However, something tugged on me to bid on this gleaming gem with two wheels. Much to my surprise I was the high bidder. Reality then sunk in. What am I going to do with this thing? It is still sitting in my garage seven years later with about 10 miles on it. Oh well, it was for a good cause."
-Tim Bawmann, Fort Wayne Mad Ants

"Do you remember the Simply Fit Board that become a big, but short-lived deal, a few years ago? Well, I took the bait, jumped on the trend and bought one. I hated it. Used it for one week and it’s been sitting in my closet gathering dust ever since."
-Lynette Fager, Huntington University

"Kitchen gadgets! They are only useful if you USE them! I have too many “must-haves” that are still “new in the box.” What can I say?!!?"
-Michelle Love, One Lucky Guitar

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