Writer's Block

Living Northeast Indiana is coming.
Mar 4, 2020
Dan Copeland
Writer's Block

Most of you, our readers, know that we publish a number of magazines. Among them, Fort Wayne Living is one we have produced for many years. It is a beautiful publication with interesting and entertaining content, published quarterly and aimed at higher income/higher net worth individuals, but enjoyed by people of all means. In an effort to better serve advertisers and readers throughout the region, we are making some changes to it.

Beginning with the May issue, it will be called Living Northeast Indiana. While our distribution has always been to businesses and households throughout the nine counties that make up the northeast part of the state, the new title will better reflect its regional focus and readership.

We will make a bigger effort to look to sources in all nine counties for story ideas and advertisers. If you know of northeast Indiana story ideas you think might fit Living Northeast Indiana, please share them with my editor, Alicia Tharp, at atharp@businesspeople.com. If your business would benefit from reaching a higher income/high net worth audience, please talk to us about advertising, editorial and advertorial opportunities.

We are here to serve our northeast Indiana community. So, please help us make Living Northeast Indiana a magazine for the entire region.

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