Make the Move to this Magnetic Region
Mar 4, 2020
Jennifer Callison, Mike Thomas Assoc. Realtors

Everyone can agree that northeast Indiana is growing and changing – we can see the evidence all around us. These changes have been helping to establish the region as a magnet for talent from around the nation. As businesses move into the area and with that, families, the demand for more housing grows. What does this mean for the real estate market? How are we as a community preparing for that growth?

If you’ve paid attention to the housing market, you’ve likely noticed a number of new housing developments springing up in many areas across northeast Indiana. People moving to the area don’t just want a place to live; they are seeking a better quality of life. With the demand for houses high and the inventory of available homes historically low, the need for a real estate agent becomes clear. 

With a Realtor®, you get the inside scoop. They’re keenly aware of the changes in the marketplace, and which parts of town are growing, and which are retaining their value. They can help you discover the benefits of living in a particular area of town versus another. Purchasing a home is probably the most significant financial transaction of your lifetime. Having someone to help you look into the future and see where the region is growing and changing will make all the difference in years to come.

People are drawn to our region by its strength, culture and prosperity. If you have family or friends that would grow and thrive in the character-filled region of northeast Indiana, feel confident inviting them to move here and be a part of this region’s forward momentum. With its low cost of living and warm Hoosier hospitality, the Fort Wayne area is an amenity-packed Midwest region with a small-town feel. If you are looking to relocate here, a Realtor® can help you find the home you have been searching for in and around the vibrant, forward-moving communities of northeast Indiana. 

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