Before Springing into Board Service
Apr 6, 2020
Aisha R. Arrington, LTC Ombudsman Program 

Board service can help you build your skill set, grow your network and help you feel good about doing something good. However, board service might not be for everyone and there are some things to consider before joining a non profit board. 

Understand the time commitment

There will be monthly meetings, expectations to possibly also serve on a committee, and fundraising and networking events that will require your attendance. Consider how those meeting days/times will work with your already busy schedule. Board service can range from a few hours per month to 5+ hours per week depending on the activities of the organization. 

Be passionate about the mission

There are hundreds of not for profit organization’s looking for board members but choose an organization that aligns with what you are most passionate about; otherwise, you may find it hard to remain engaged and unmotivated to follow through with your commitments. 

Consider the financial and fundraising expectations

Giving a meaningful contribution to the organization each year is usually a requirement as many funders are looking for 100% board giving. There is not an exact dollar amount tied to the gift; but it should be something meaningful to you. Board members are also encouraged to tap into their professional and personal networks to help raise funds. 


You can work with other community leaders, build your own leadership skills, and enhance your own company’s reputation all while “doing the good” for your community by serving on a not for profit board. There is an organization out there aligning with what pulls at your heart; consider giving it your time through board service. It is worth it.  

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